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New undies for the New Year

<p>Tighty whities, begone!</p>
| Dec 29, 2009
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There comes a time in the life of any man when tighty-whities should be considered illegal. Tighty-whities are for elementary students. [firstpara] Wearing such a pair in high school is pushing it. And in college and beyond, that is just unacceptable. Rumor has it that men aged 18 and above, who continue to wear the said undies, are 68% less likely to get laid.

If you’re still wearing them perfectly innocent, immaculately harmless briefs, please proceed to give yourself a wedgie now. Done? Now grow a pair, and go get yourself real men’s underwear from Calvin Klein that’s sure to drive the womenfolk crazy for you. (We also promise this will be the last time we’ll post pictures of hot, muscular men in provocative underwear).

But Calvin Klein isn’t your only choice for new undies this new year. Villebrequin, a high-end luxury brand whose roots can be found in the French Riviera, has just opened up shop in the country.

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Their boxer trunks are made not just for covering your willy, it’s also designed for swimming. How’s that for value? They’re cool and trendy, and they’re the perfect undies for those who don’t have the time to change to board shorts and speedos when the time to swim comes.


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