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7 Out-Of-Style Trends You Should Ditch Right Now

Velcro wallets? Cargo shorts? It's time for you to say goodbye
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 22, 2016
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For men not too particular in fashion, clothing can be frustrating. "What? My pants are too skinny? Okay, I'll buy baggy ones." Years later, "What? My pants are too baggy? But...but..."

There are styles that stay consistent over time such as the good ol' plain white shirt. However, whether you like it or not, most trends come and go. What's "in" today may be tagged as baduy tomorrow, and vice-versa. Yes, we're looking at the socks in your sandals.

To help you know what's hot and not, FHM listed seven items that the fashion world believes are out of style—well, as of the moment.

1) Square-toed shoes

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Chunky, and most of the time, cheap-looking, this type of shoe should be top priority for retirement. Why? Stylists say its clunky appearance disrupts the overall "flow" of an outfit. "Square-toed shoes create a brutal geometry that is just hideous to look at," according to menswear expert Brian Trunzo, in an interview with Mashable Fashion. "Really, those who are simply oblivious to aesthetics in general are the ones who sport them."

Trunzo added that these shoes have been terrorizing menswear for years and is the worst style of footwear out there. It is never, ever flattering to any man or any of his outfits.

Instead, opt for a shoe shaped more like the typical oxford. Even if other styles pop up along the way, this shoe shape has been a standard for generations.

2) Ill-fitting jeans

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Unless you're okay with sporting the galing-sa-baha look, jeans that you've been walking on should definitely bid goodbye. If your pants are too long, either you cuff them ala John Lloyd Cruz, or have them altered. But never, ever wear trousers that don't fit you at all, vertically. If you want to soak up all the puddles on the streets after hours of heavy rainfall, fine, wear them.

As you phase out your ill-fitting jeans, look for a straighter cut, with legs that end at an appropriate length. Trust us, women check out if your behind looks great on those so better get the perfect ones.

3) Velcro wallet

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Unless you're still in elementary, Velcro wallets are (somewhat) acceptable. But as young professionals-slash-bachelors, man purses like these should never, ever pop up and instead, be thrown straight into the trash. Outside a watch or tie, men have very few accessories to class up and display their personality with. A wallet is a nice, functional item that you can get several years of wear. When you pull it out to split the bill, make sure you're pulling out the best.

Find a sleek, conservative leather tri-fold or a flat card case wallet. Even if you don't have wads of cash, a good-looking billfold will make you feel (and look) a bit richer.


4) Wrap-around sunglasses

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Except for sports and other active endeavors, wrap-around sunglasses should never, ever ornament your face. If you're out for a nice Saturday with your girl, try swapping these with a square-framed Aviator or Wayfarer. They're simple and classic, and more importantly, look good.

5) Velcro sandals

You know what's worse than Velcro sandals? Velcro sandals paired with socks. Come on; there's something cringing about keeping sweaty toes under wraps, while wearing footwear that provides total insulation. Sandals and socks may be all the rage with the ladies now, but for the dudes, please, say never, ever to this one. If you really fancy sandals, better get hold of leather ones that don't hoard all the attention.

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 Flared jeans

Pants have been getting trimmer and trimmer since the '90s. Remember when everyone wore baggy jeans? We figure. "Elephant" pants even became a thing, followed by the flare cut. Eventually, the straight leg became standard, and now society is pushing for skinny jeans.

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The best option, though? Straight leg jeans. These pants hug your thighs comfortably, and are as timeless as the plain white shirt. Plus, it's so versatile that you can pair sneakers, boots, loafers, and most shoes with it.

7) Baggy cargo shorts

If it isn't obvious yet, the hippest pieces in the '90s are the most shunned in this decade. But it's 2016 now, and you have unlimited choice of shorts. Like majority of the stuff these days, the preferred look is trimmer and more fitted. Stash those cargos back in the closet, and pick up some chino shorts in neutrals. Instant pogi points.

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