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Bigyan Ng Jacket: FHM's Rainy Days Japorms Guide

Rainy season is <em>japorms</em> time! <em>FHM</em> shows you how to keep your swag amidst the downpour!
by Cia Juan | Jun 4, 2014
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You wished for it, and now here it is—rainy season! It’s time to dig into your cabinets for those über-cool jackets! Whether you’re looking to buy a new one or just want to wear your oldies differently, consider yourself covered.

But first, what look do you want to achieve? FHM shows you how to snag your idols' #japorms


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Been wanting to try Paul Sr.'s (of American Choppers) leather jacket look but afraid you’ll come off as “trying hard”? Chillax, we all have swag! You don’t need a big bike or a moustache; just follow these simple guides: 

  • First, notice that on the picture below all the models’ undershirts are in neutral colors (gray, black, or white) 
  • Second, their pants are dark-washed. Brown and gray leather feel more laid-back, while black looks more formal
  • Third, you can soften your look by accessorizing (i.e. wear a hat) 

Leatherjackets, all from Superdry, P11,908

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When it comes to maong jackets, the first thing you have to look out for is color. Unless you have a bigot like a movie goon or you're as astig as Da King, light color will generally make you look feminine (unless you know what to mix with it). For example:

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Bleach dye denim jackets, Topman, P3,308

See? You want medium or dark-washed denim to look manly. Like these:

From left: Mid-wash jacket from Topman, P3,308; Bright blue denim
jacket from Topman, P3,308; Trucker jacket from Calvin Klein: P5,215

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 Maong isn't just for the rugged; you can wear it on top of your long sleeves and tie to look semi-sharp (left), or pair it with a warm baseball cap for a more approachable look (right). But if you really wanna look rough, then sando, tattered pants, and combat boots are the way to go (middle). Also, it's okay to wear denim on denim (middle) as long as the tones are noticeably different (e.g. dark-washed jacket on light pants). 


So it's been your childhood dream to be a pro athlete. You know what they say: Dress for the job you want. Libre lang mag-fi-feeling! 

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You don't have to stick to dark colors though; Varsity jackets are supposed to be bold and distinctive, so go ahead, play with colors! 

Varsity jackets, all from Topman, P3,300

Pair your bright jacket with a funky leopard cap to look R&B (left), or large shades for extra swag (middle). Varsity can be geeky too if you use the jacket as a vest: let the collars of your inner top show and roll up the jacket's sleeves (right). 

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