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Ranking The MPBL Expansion Team Jerseys From Worst To Best

Who came with heat and who came throwing up bricks?
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 23, 2018
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The MPBL doubled in size during the off-season—what a great time to be alive for local hoops fans. The jerseys of the original ten are kind of hit and miss though, so let's see if the new blood are wearing some winners.

(Gen San) Goldenstate Warriors

Scenes from the Gen San front office:

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“Guys, may totoong Golden State Warriors na
“Ok lang yan, tanggalin lang natin yung space: Goldenstate Warriors”
*wild applause* 

Makati Skyscrapers

Who expected a kick-ass jersey from equally-loaded Makati to step up to the QC Wizards Capitals kit? Did the design budget get tied up in that parking building as well? We expected more from team Air Binay.

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Manila Stars

Questionable color combo and inaccurate representation of the Manila skyline as well: why can't we see the Torre de Manila creeping up behind the Rizal Monument's silhouette?

Caloocan Supremos

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We're throwing the Supremos down the ladder for coming up with this tame effort when they totally had the chance to create a "SUPREMOS" bogo jersey—that would have instantly shot them into the jersey design HOF.

Davao Occidental Tigers

Davao loses out to #MandaMentality in the battle of tiger vs tigre with their blah effort.

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Zamboanga Valientes

Their jersey follows the same plain template you see in ligas everywhere, dare we call it a canned effort? Because sardine sponsor...okay, never mind...

Marikina Shoemasters

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Tame workmanlike design. It's definitely not the jersey that lured Gerald Anderson to Marikina.

Mandaluyong El Tigre

Decent colorway, but the WordArt-quality gradient on their team name needs to be dragged into the 21st century please.

Laguna Heroes

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We are confused: Laguna's jersey has a giant Rizal face on it which makes us think of the Rizal Crusaders instead. They should also ask Team Manila for some help when it comes to the JR motif.

Bacoor Strikers

Bacoor's "tagalog dub" of the Dubs uniform slides right into the middle.

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Rizal Crusaders

Aside from the colors of the Dubs, black is a favored choice of many expansion teams. Rizal has an interesting tie-dye camo look going on.

Pampanga Lanterns

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With all the black executions, the Cabalens also stand out with a modern tonal mix.

San Juan Knights

Sometimes, you just have to trust the (design) process, and let a tested color combo prop you up.

Pasig Pirates

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We still believe this team should have been called Pasig Blue Boys but fine, we'll take this tough dog too. They are runaway winners when it comes to team merch tho, behold:

Cebu City Sharks

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This jersey bothered us with something familiar we couldn't place. Then it hit us, is this...saiyan armor!?

Basilan Steel

Somebody promote the guy who said Basilan "Shooters" was probably a bad idea. Give the graphic designer a raise too for a kit that succesfully blends local influence.

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Pasay Voyagers

Pasay brings the heat (ahem) with our ranking winner. While all those casinos are not actually located in Pasay, it's close enough to make this "vice" inspired jersey somewhat grounded in reality.

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