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The 8 Essential Rules For Wearing A Tank Top

Ace the sleeveless look with these pointers.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 16, 2016
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The sando (or if you're prissy about it, tank top) is tailor-made for the Philippines. It's hot here, and this piece of clothing simply has the highest amount of cooling potential. There have been days when it was the only thing that prevented our body from dehydrating.

Lately, the sando has also become—for better or worse—a fashion trend among men. Beyond the beaches of Boracay, The Sleeveless One has invaded city streets.

We have no problem with you, armpit-freeing bros. However, if you intend to carry on with this trend, there are certain things we have to be clear on. Here now are FHM's Tank Top-Wearing Rules...

1) No visible nipples

For the sake of humanity, make sure your nipples aren't poking through the fabric. Hide them by wearing a tank top that's a size larger than what you originally wear. With a loose fit, your tank top will not be as clingy around the chest.

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2) Ditch neon

Do you really need to draw extra attention to the fact that you're wearing what used to be pambahay?

3) Trim that underarm hair

If your hair is jutting out even if your arms aren't raised, that means you have an overgrowth. Women find it unpleasant. We'll slap you silly if you come near us with it. It's either you stop wearing sandos at all or youprune that jungle to acceptable standards.

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4) Consider the occasion

We'll be more specific: Limit the wearing of this piece of clothing to casual weekend strolls at the mall.

5) Limit the skin in other places

You're already showing too much man-skin up top. No one needs to see any more flesh down below. Wear some 501s or shorts that go beyond the knee. Also: no slippers or sandals please. It's just not a good look.

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6) Pop on denim button-downs

Or plaids or blazers. Leave it unbuttoned so that your tank top is visible underneath. Great for when a day-stroll turns into a casual evening with friends so you'll stay warm, and in style.

7) Avoid being too plain

There's a danger of looking too home-bound with the tank top. Accessories such as sunglasses, watches, bracelets, and hats can help you avoid that.

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8) Get toned

You don't have to be ripped. Just don't be out of shape. A tank top won't look flattering for extreme body types: Those who are either stick-thin or overweight. It favors the moderate build. Aim for that.


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