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Shenanigan street wear

<p>Street wear is the new black. Here, you'll see how you can jump on this ongoing train trend</p>
| Aug 10, 2009
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With Team Manila looking to outrun EDSA, and Republ1c's recent opening in Eastwood, we're hearing the street wear buzz loud and clear. What the hell is street wear? And what's the big deal about it?

It's an offshoot of the 80s skatewear trend—fat sneakers, comfortable shorts, boards in tow. But as the 80s rolled into the 90s, so did skatewear evolve into streetw ear. According to Fats Shariff, one of street wear's pioneers it was the Japanese who really put the trend up a notch, thereby making it into an everyday staple. From mere clothing, the Japanese began to include gadgets, toys, the works.

With it encompassing a myriad of things, street wear has become tightly connected with the youth. Rooted in skateboarding, the bulk of it is still influenced by extreme sports. Take for instance the kids' current obsession with wakeboarding, longboarding, and the whole business of Camsur-ing. Elements of these sports have become an everyday thing. Bringing to mind wakeboarding booties, high-cut sneaers are a regular sight on the commute. And because music has always been a top priority, large earphones are rather popular these days.

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With local retailers bringing in street wear into their own lineups, the look is sure to be more affordable in the near future. And with affordability comes popularity.

Check out the gallery to see how you can add a dash of street wear into your gear.



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