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Look Good! Spend Less! Enjoy Shopping!

Because there's no escaping shopping with the missus
by Lou E. Albano | Apr 24, 2012
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You aren't the biggest fan of shopping, you don't particularly have much money for all them branded shoes, but you know how important looking good is. We mean: dressing up for job interviews, job presentations, client meetings.

We mean, dressing up for your hot night on Friday night. And if you did well, another one on Saturday night. There's dressing up for when you meet her friends. And then finally, when you meet her parents. There's Sunday brunches and morning afters and Thursday dinners and whatnot. You have to look good.

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The good news is that, she loves tiangge shopping. Do yourself a favor: When she asks you to accompany her, you don't complain and just go. When she asks you to accompany her, you will shop for yourself, as well. You will learn to love it, too.

FHM spoke with Vince Segura, a stall owner in Greenhills and he gave us some pretty rad tips on how to shop in tiangges! Read below and maybe next time, you can impress her with your tiangge-know-how!

1. Think of it as entertainment. We know how crowded tiangges can go and how intense shoppers can be. But instead of hating, how about you enjoy the show? Look for the funniest thing thing sold there, the strangest contraption, the ugliest knock-off, or watch the other shoppers do their thing; sinong tita ang walang patawad tumawad?

If you're there because you're looking for something to wear for a job interview, you're in luck. "You can find everything there," says Vince. Tip: Be patient and keep on looking because sometimes another store carries the same thing for a lower price. Or even better, you'll find something no other stall has.

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Spunk shoes: No other stall carries them but Spunk

2. Go wholesale, get discount! Buying more than one item allows you to get bigger discounts."If an item costs P480, for example, get two so that you can get P80 off," says Vince. Then you can say P800 for two shirts.

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Swing by Spunk (entrance is across Yellow Cab) for unique pieces you can't find elsewhere!

Next: How to not to look like a tiangge-victim!

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