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Your Ultimate Manual To Height-Increasing Shoes

Here's one way to add some extra inches
by Ysa Singson | Oct 28, 2016
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In terms of body insecurities and persisting societal demands, height is to men what weight is to women. Research even concludes that tall men have the advantage. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, “shorter height led to lower levels of education, lower job status, and less income.” Tall people reportedly also have better social skills and more confidence “from years of preferential treatment.” And if you’ve ever used Tinder or OKCupid, we’re sure you’ve seen a dozen profiles of women who made it explicitly clear how important height is to them.

Well, just as women purchase products as well as engage in rituals and routines to enhance their physical appearance, more men are turning to “elevator shoes” to give them a little boost—literally and figuratively.

What exactly are “elevator shoes”

If you’re like most Pinoys, you’ve probably never heard of this term. Elevator shoes are footwear built with a raised platform. But, unlike women’s heels, the “boost” is a hidden benefit because it’s inside the shoe.

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Elevator shoes don’t just make you look taller—they make you stand straighter, too. In fact, men all over the world have started using them—regardless of whether they’re tall or not—to correct their lousy postures and make them look more put-together.

Though you can always get them custom-made, most commercialized elevator shoes usually add around three to five inches to a person’s height.

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Different types of elevator shoes                                                      

One of the main concerns when it comes to elevator shoes is how obviously raised they are, and mass-produced elevator shoes are more guilty of this. A lot of them are made with cheap materials that cause a noticeable bulge to appear. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for a few additional inches. You just have to find the perfect pair. Take your pick:

Dress shoes

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Keep in mind that the whole point of wearing elevator shoes is to elongate the body, so to avoid drawing too much attention to your feet or legs, opt for a rounder-shaped (more classic) pair. 


What to avoid

As previously mentioned, it’s best to move away from bulky or clunky elevator shoes because they’ll draw more attention to your feet. Obviously, an excessively high-heeled pair defeats the purpose of having the platform inside the shoe, so unless you’re trying to make a statement, choose a more subtle pair. Otherwise, you might as well be wearing platforms. And if you’re pretty much tipping forward while wearing them, throw ‘em out!

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Where you can buy your first pair

BRADFORD has been making elevator shoes in the Philippines since 2004. They even have different options for the number of inches you want in a pair. Surprisingly, Zalora carries elevator shoes from different brands, including Nike, Asics, and Etnies. Adidas also has elevated trainers. From what we’ve gathered though, if you have extra money to burn or if you want to invest in a solid pair, you might want to consider having one custom-made. And several independent shoemakers across the metro are capable of making one especially for you.

If, however, you’re a little strapped for cash, you can always buy shoe lifts. These are platform inserts that can be placed inside your regular shoes.

Heels for men, anyone?

Part of expressing your own style is having the ability and freedom to carry yourself with confidence. Just as women use makeup, heels, and waist trainers to give them an edge, men should have the same luxury when it comes to experimenting with different looks. If elevator shoes are what you need to feel more confident, then use them to your advantage.

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