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Should You Gift Your Girl A Fancy Watch?

Idea: maybe you can get a matching pair
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 15, 2017
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It’s a big move, but if your relationship with someone feels for keeps—or has lasted into a double digit number of years—then what better to commemorate the time spent together than with something that literally tells it?

For example, something from the TAG Heuer Link Lady collection that would knock any woman off her feet with its classic design dating back to 1987. Each link in the bracelet is also fully rounded so the only rough thing that would caress her precious wrists are your man paws.

But! Giving a gift as big-time (and expensive) as a watch must get you worried, so we asked TAG Heuer Area Sales Director, Romain Cans, for some expert advice:

Real talk–will she think I want to get hitched?

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When I gave the watch to Joyce [Pring, our new ambassador] it felt like an engagement ring! It’s not the same idea behind it, but it’s just as beautiful, ha-ha!

What does it mean to give a woman a watch?

I think it’s a beautiful proof of love. The beauty of a watch, especially a luxury watch like a TAG, is that it’s something you will be keeping for a long time. Because watches are quite resistant [to ageing], have precious materials and finishes.


Will she appreciate it like jewelry?

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I would say so, the watch can be a fashion accessory at the end of the day. It is for ladies, it is for men. There are so many different styles of watches that can suit so many different occasions.

Definitely it could be a piece of jewelry for a lady—like some of TAG’s materials are ceramic, mother of pearl, diamonds. But at the same time, they are very much made for ladies with intense lives. So we can call it high-resistance jewelry!

Is there a “safe” choice when it comes to a design for a female?

If we think about our collection, like the Link Lady, it’s all about elegance, femininity, refinement–but we also have those elements with a sporty side in our Aquaracer collection. So choosing a watch is really a matter of taste.

Should I get a matching watch to go?

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It’s quite a big trend that I discovered when I moved to Asia—something very strong in Korea, China—I don’t have the impression this is done a lot in Europe. [Like the couple shirt] there is really this idea of naturalizing the fact that you are a couple. But, now I’m hearing more and more of this trend of unpaired watches for couples here too.

People used to really try to find matching pairs of watches—especially for occasions like weddings, to mark special moments—so you could understand this idea of pairing. Nowadays, people still go as a couple to buy watches, but not necessarily to buy a pair.

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