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Should You Wear A Man Choker?

The answer is a resounding NO. Here are some better alternatives
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 11, 2017
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Last year, we saw the rise, rather, the comeback of the choker. This '90s trend is made of a tiny piece of fabric or leather, worn tightly around the neck, and it became a huge hit, specifically with the ladies.

Come 2017, it’s the men who are jumping on the choker bandwagon.

You read that right. Man chokers are in.

British online shop ASOS just debuted their own line a few days ago, and the accessory has already stirred up more online drama than expected. Most of the reactions, unsurprisingly, are not in favor of this recent style shift.

Wearing man chokers is not new, actually. In fact, some male celebrities were sporting this trend long before its resurgence into the mainstream.


Here's Jared Leto


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Jimi Hendrix

And even John Lennon

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Unless you're a rock star or as ridiculously handsome as Jared Leto, this trend seems (and looks) pretty uncomfortable.


Rather than wearing a choker, why not stick to the usual necklace? If youwant to accessoize and avoid strangling yourself, here are some stylish necklace options to add to your arsenal.

1) Dog Tag Necklace

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Aside from accentuating your bravery, dog tags are also perfect for achieving a flair of  bold ruggedness. 

Get the Stainless Initial Cut Out Dog Tag Necklace In Ball Chain for P450.00 here

2) Chain Necklace

Plain, unornamented chains of metal are a classic male adornment. The key to wearing a chain is simplicity.

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Get the Bershka Thick Chain Necklace for P295.00 here.

3) Religious Emblem Necklace

Creatively express your faith with this timeless, stainless steel cross. 

Get the Soleful by Cez Stainless Steel Men’s Standing Cross Necklace for P236.00 here.

4) Pendant Necklace

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Stand out from the necklace-wearing crowd by wearing an accessory with a quirky twist such as this one. The perfect accessory for summer, the Brain Freeze Necklace brings back the memories of cool of ice cream trucks, and summer flings—sweet memories of your childhood. 

Get the Brain Freeze Necklace for P3,150.00 here

5) Plain Necklace

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Nothing says classy like a good ol’ plain necklace. You can pair this long necklace with your choice of pendants, crosses, etc. to match your personal style. Or just wear the chain—plain and simple.

Get the Silverworks Long Silver Necklace for P1,790.00 here.


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