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4 Simple Styling Hacks That Will Make Your Getup Look Cooler

A simple tweak could make your entire outfit more stylish
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 12, 2017
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Back in the day, men simply had to stick to basics. That isn't the case anymore. These days, slick is in—and that includes how we style ourselves.

Styling can elevate even the simplest of getups, and the best thing about it is it doesn't require too much effort. That being said, here are some simple ways to help you level up your OOTD game. No fancy moves necessary.

The half tuck

Tucking in your shirt all the way around is sooooo '90s, which in some cases could be a good thing. In case you still haven't completely gotten over it though, there's a more updated way to do it. It's called the "half tuck." This means only tucking in your shirt partially. It shouldn't look like you left the other side untucked on purpose. Do it with casual pieces, like a button-down shirt. It's a quick-fix that could add a relaxed feel to your entire outfit.

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Drape jacket over shoulders

Wearing a jacket (or a blazer) over the shoulder was one of the biggest style trends of 2016—and it isn't going anywhere. FYI, it's called shoulder robing. This simple trick has the power to instantly make the whole look classy AF. You're welcome, dear sir! 


Throw an arm party

If you don't feel comfortable wearing a necklace or earrings, try an army of bracelets. Just stack on as many of them as you can and you can even add a watch in there for good measure. Just don't take it to the point where you look like a big joke.

Switch up your bag style

There are so many bag choices available in the market—from totes to messenger bags, from briefcases to satchels. Remember: The bag you're carrying can affect your whole ensemble. Once in awhile, it won't hurt to trade in your backpack for something more refined. 

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