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Start Reppin' These Local Sticker Brands

The most creative Pinoy sticker-makers you must-follow (and support) on Instagram
by Karen Mae De Vera | Mar 13, 2017
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There's a sticker for every feeling and thought you want to express. The words "Barya Lang Po Sa Umaga" on a jeepney's rear view mirror is an exasperated driver's way of telling you, for example,  that the world can sure use a little less hassle this bright, sunshiny day. The bikini-clad babe that usually sits next to them scribbles is just a bonus. Of course, there are other important messages to artistically convey—anything from a political stand to pop-cultural commentaries, homages, and wisecracks to the personal stories that interest you and keep you sane. Us uncreative folks can take comfort in the works of these artistic Pinoys who have chosen to share their artwork on sticker sheets. Their masterpieces are waiting for you to slap ’em on your phone cases, laptops, skateboards, or even your forehead.

1) Kwan

From classic street food to teleserye kontrabidas, Kwan’s stickers are like a love letter to Pinoy pop culture.

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2) Fandom Feels

FF is like a buffet of all your nerdy interests. Get low-key geeky with stickers that feature pixel art, calligraphy, chibi characters, and lots of puns.

Where else to buy: The Craft Central (Greenbelt 5), Hello MNL (UST)

3) Fine Time Studios

This company does fine wordplay on popular brands (See: Alak Pa featuring the Alaska boy) and waxes poetic about the human condition (See: Team Sleep sticker).

Where else to buy: The Craft Central (Greenbelt 5), Satchmi (SM Megamall), The Wander Space (Maginhawa), Epic Café (Kapitolyo)

4) Jappy Lemon

Intricate detail is put into every graffiti art design. It looks lit AF on your board and you’d wish you could have it as a tatt.

Where else to buy: @kendocreative (Cubao)


5) Libreng Komiks

The online short comics have a huge following due to its irreverent humor. (Who doesn’t know that Jon Snow comic?) The lulz is translated to sticker form with ’roided up childhood characters like Pokémon and SpongeBob Squarepants.

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6) Raco

Raco’s wild mix of neon colors will make you feel like you’ve gone on an acid trip. You might also find yourself oddly attracted to zombified versions of manic pixie dream girls. (More like “zom-bae,” amirite?)

7) Sunny Adorable Friends

It’s quite amusing to see a chibi sentai suit-wearing dude, who looks like he could be a Sanrio character, smiling up at you while the text features very adult themes like anarchy and getting high.

8) Couch

Couch’s stickers have the sort of grungey design that you would find in a '90s zine or an indie vinyl cover. They give shout-outs to both local (Jolina) and stateside (Daria) culture.

9) Pancho Karambola

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the old-school Pinoy komiks from the '70s and 8'0s then you’ll definitely dig these stickers. The characters and panels are based on Pancho Karambola’s comics GEKORR (reptilian creature) and Reynante (a suave, mustachioed college student).

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