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Steal His Style: Dingdong Dantes

It doesn't take too much effort to dress up like the better half of three time Sexiest in the Land winner Marian Rivera
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Nov 16, 2016
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Dingdong Dantes may be the luckiest man in the world. He is one of the highest paid actors in the country, has the looks that can make women weak in the knees, and is married to the three-time Sexiest in the Land winner Marian Rivera. We want everything he has. While that's nearly impossible, there's something we can steal from him: a piece of his style.

When the 36-year-old isn't working, he either puts on his brilliant tailored suits or chills out in a plain tee and jeans. To complete his look, he usually accessorizes with a timeless watch or a pair of aviators.

Check out how you can recreate his no frills ensembles below:

Dress Like Dingdong Rule #1: Add a fun vibe to your tee + jeans combo

There are days when you're just too lazy to think of what to wear and you'll often find yourself resorting to the usual t-shirt and jeans combo. To add a fun and cool spin to it, opt for a pair of tattered jeans and cuff the hems. Make the combo more badass by pairing it with your Dr. Marten's. If you're in low-cut sneakers, you can either go sockless or wear colorful, printed socks.

Dress Like Dingdong Rule #2: Leather jackets aren't just for the cold season

You don't really have to keep your leather jacket tucked away when it's sunny outside. Here's the trick: "Choose a lightweight shirt in cotton or linen to stay cool," says professional stylist J-em Sta. Ana.

When buying lightweight innerwear, hold it up to light and see if you can see through it just a bit. This is a good sign that the fabric dries fast when you sweat. In addition, don't limit yourself to black or brown leather jackets. "Stand out by rocking a different shade like camouflage. Don't be afraid to experiment and play with the colors," advises Sta. Ana

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Dress Like Dingdong Rule #3: Go beyond your usual sneakers

There are several shoe options—from boat shoes to loafers, espadrilles to brogues and boots—that can upgrade your style game. Boat shoes, loafers, and brogues are perfect when you're going somewhere that's too fancy for sneakers but not fancy enough for leather. Meanwhile, espadrilles are perfect when it's hot outside because they are made of comfortable material. Boots should be your go-to-shoe when it's raining or when you just wanted to gain that bad boy sex appeal.

Dress Like Dingdong Rule #4: Don't underestimate the power of a classic watch

Remember: a watch is a man's most important accessory. It's more than a time-telling device. It also symbolizes prestige and style. With little to no effort, they can make you a seem (and feel) a lot more sophisticated. As a basic rule, remember that the wristwatch should match the color of your shoes.

"Silver watches match best with shoe shades like black, gray, silver, and blue. Gold watches blend well with brown, beige, and tan," says Sta. Ana.

Silver bands are more casual, while gold plated watches are best for occasions where you need to dress up in a suit and tie.

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