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Steal His Style: Ely Buendia

Here's how you can earn that ageless rock star appeal for yourself
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 24, 2016
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You know who never gets old? Ely Buendia.

Ever since the Eraserheads days, Ely Buendia has been the epitome of a simultaneously cool and intense musician. He’s got the looks, the skills, the wit, and the swagger that's capable of filling the biggest of stadiums with adoring fans. Onstage or offstage, the appeal of this musical genius is just all too real. To this day, his ageless charm is just so strong that it seems like the 46-year-old has found the fountain of youth.

But how can you be like Ely when you can't even play an instrument to save your life? The answer: steal his style. Here are some rockstar-approved style tips that will have you ebing chased by your own groupies in no time. 


Dress Like Ely Rule #1: Dress down your suit with a pair of sneakers

Since everyone expects you to wear dress shoes with your suits, why not break the rules instead? Go ahead and wear your favorite sneakers with that suit. Ely's look usually goes for these clashing combinations. Give your slacks, blazers, and polos a more casual vibe with some sporty kicks. 

Dress Like Ely Rule #2: Boots are a necessity

Whether it’s the rockstar-staple Doc Martens or any other brand, boots ultimately amp up an otherwise boring outfit. A pair of high-cut leather shoes are a wardrobe staple that will remain timeless. If you want to give your everyday outfits a rougher edge, boots will do the trick. 

Dress Like Ely Rule #3:  Give those neckties a rest

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Move aside, neckties. If you want to stand out from the necktie-wearing crowd, a bowtie is the best accessory to have. Or, why not take the standing-out to the next level and wear a neckerchief (a square of cloth worn around the neck) instead? Just look at our man Ely exuding class and sophistication in those photos above. The right neck accessory can transform your outfit from dreary to quirky in just a snap. Remember, if you're already rocking a loud pattern or color like Ely's shiny red polo, opt for more neutral colors, such as a classic black. As for the neckerchief, go for loud colors that pop.

Dress Like Ely Rule #4:  Eye-ccesorize

Glasses and shades are obviously Ely’s go-to piece when it comes to accessorizing. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they're also the perfect addition to complete your outfit. If you want to exude that mysterious vibe, put on those sunnies. Make more of a statement by donning sunglasses with mirrored lenses.

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