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Steal His Style: Jake Cuenca

Can't play an instrument? Play up your front man potential instead
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 19, 2016
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The transformation of Jake Cuenca is noticeable. He started as a clean-cut, classy leading man—coats and ties, slacks and blazers, short and brushed up hair. He was very much like every male celebrity you see on TV, basic in the nicest sense of the word. A conventional actor with predictible fashion sense:

But that was the old Jake. Now, his bold fashion choices show that he has found and embraced an edgier sense of style.

His new formula: messy hair, band shirts, and ripped jeans that afford him that pseudo-rockstar vibe that ladies (or groupies) might find appealing. The only thing missing is a mic (and an impressive singing voice) to complete look. 


If you want to stand out from the crowd and showcase your rockin’ personality through your clothing, steal his style here:

Dress Like Jake Rule #1:  Stock up on those band shirts

Show off your love for music by wearing your favorite band tee. It’s an effortless way to profess your adoration for rock and roll. Just make sure you actually listen to those bands. Nobody likes a poser. 

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2) Dress Like Jake Rule #2: Stand out with standout pieces

Jake is obviously not afraid to experiment. Don’t stick to the usual cover-ups with the same-old cuts. Bring your all-black outfit to life by wearing a loud, red blazer. Pairing an oversized cardigan with your skinny jeans and fitted tank top can easily balance an ensemble that might be a bit too casual. Better yet, go from rockstar to action star in a black biker jacket. Bonus: If your date gets cold, show your gentlemanly moves by offering your jacket. That’s what layering is secretly for.

3) Dress Like Jake Rule #3: Don’t be afraid of prints

If you are new to prints, big bold designs can be overwhelming. Ease yourself into the trend by opting for the usual printed accents—Jake’s stripes and camouflage shirts are good examples. On the other hand, the printed polo is a perfect piece for office days and dinner dates. Printed polo shirts also work wonderfully with basic ties and bow ties. 

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4) Dress Like Jake Rule #4: Keep things breezy in comfy tank tops 

Wearing a sleeveless tee is a great way to keep cool on a hot summer day. Pair it with skinny jeans if you're in the city, and shorts if you're at the beach. Or wear it post-gym—just stick to blacks, whites ,and greys so that you won't appear too casual. 

5) Dress Like Jake Rule #5: Hair is part of your oufit

Take that rock and rollin’ vibe to the next level and sport a messy, long 'do. A word of caution: ladies may want to run their hands through your hair 24/7.

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