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Steal His Style: Jericho Rosales

Mister Pogi tips from the original Mister Pogi himself
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 5, 2016
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Don't you just wish you could be like Jericho Rosales. He's got a hot wife, a hit show with Arci Munoz, and a killer sense of style. 

He makes the casual pants-plus-shirt combo effortlessly cool. And his messy, seemingly uncombed hair? It works magic on the ladies (hi, Kim Jones!). 

If you want to embody that laid-back, rugged easiness, cop his style and learn from this sartorial master!

Dress Like Echo Rule #1: Get a denim jacket

If you feel that your plain T-shirt and pants ensemble is boring, add a denim jacket for that instant action star appeal. A denim jacket can dress up your otherwise boring outfit, giving you an air of danger.  

Dress Like Echo Rule #2: You can never go wrong with black

Black goes well with everything. If you have no idea what to wear during casual dates, or even to semi-formal events, black is always a safe bet. Invest on good jet black pieces: slacks, straight cut pants, v-neck shirts, blazers, leather jackets, boots, shoes, and even accessories such as black leather bags and black hats. All black ensembles are simultaneously sleek and classy.

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Dress Like Echo Rule #3: Cuff those pants

Cuffing your pants can instantly amp up an outfit, and accentuate your kicks in the process. How to do it? Fold the bottom of your pants up once (or twice, whichever you prefer), then tuck the hem behind the folded portion. Smoothen out the cuff to create one uniform fold, and you’re good to go!

Dress Like Echo Rule #4: Don’t be afraid of headgear

Baseball caps and fedoras are the perfect solution for days when you can't be bothered to fix your hair.

Dress Like Echo Rule #5: Protect those peepers

Wearing sunglasses instantly adds a boost of confidence. It creates an illusion of mystery that can be appealiong to women. Plus, they're the best accessory for hiding bloodshot eyes tired from all-night partying.  


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