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This Is Your Tried And Tested Streetwear Starter Pack

Key staples to cop first, before you build a personal look
by Tricia Quintero | Dec 22, 2017
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The past years saw a shift in fashion trends with more and more people embracing '90s influence and the streetwear culture. But with all the products out there in the market, where should a “newbie” start? Here, we give you a checklist for key must-have pieces, as well as some suggestions on which specific products to begin with—complete from head to toe. Put these on your Christmas list for sure!

1) Caps

In the form of snapbacks or baseball caps, specifically. These accentuate one’s outfit, giving you an instant edgy vibe. You just have to look for a really good one because there are a lot of hats out there.

Champion’s Classic Twill Snapback, around P1,500

Palace Panel Cap, around P5,000

2) Tops

(Tops are a bit trickier to navigate. So we figured it’s best to separate them into a) shirts; and b) jackets or long-sleeves.)

One should never underestimate the power of a simple printed shirt. Although this might lead to critique and discussion, streetwear mostly revolves around tees with aesthetic combining both skate and hiphop, and not just exclusive to either one. A simple logo tee from a popular brand like Stussy is a good jumping point.

Stussy "Yesterday Today Tomorrow" T-Shirt Collection, around P2,000

As for jackets, and long-sleeves, it’s good to know that the streetwear culture is all for collaborations. Going for a simple but classy combo like the adidas x Alexander Wang Track Top is an investment worth making.

Adidas Originals By Alexander Wang Mesh Track Jacket, around P9,000

A simpler option would be the Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie—which we’re sure you’ve already seen all over Instagram and for good reason.

Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie, P2,766

3) Bottoms

Comfort is key when it comes to pants so say goodbye to your skinny jeans and opt for loose silhouettes like joggers or cargo pants that allow for mobility. These come in so many different colors and prints, letting you be more experimental than you’ve ever been with jeans.

But for starters, Palace track joggers and Carhartt cargo pants are both stylish and durable choices—sure to last you a long time as this trend is here to stay.


Palace x Adidas Track Pants, around P4,000

Carhartt Cargo Pants, around P7,000

4) Sneakers

So much emphasis is placed on what’s way down there. So don’t be surprised if someone looks at you from head to toe; they’re probably just eyeing your shoes (okay maybe you, too).

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Right now we highly recommend Nike’s Air Force One AF 100—with collaborations with Travis Scott, ACRONYM, and Roc-a-Fella, just to name a few. Another is the Vans x Karl Lagerfeld collaboration. These sneakers are sure to give you so much fire emojis—and stares!

Nike Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott, around P10,000

Vans x Karl Lagerfeld, around P5,000

5) Accessories

Guys, rejoice, you can now bring your wallet, power bank, and emergency body spray without having to stuff them all in your pockets because fanny packs are back. Guess Rich Chigga’s iconic look in "Dat $tick" ain’t so funny anymore, eh? Well, it’s still funny, but at least the bag makes more sense now. And if you’re all for it, better cop the BAPE x Porter Yoshida & Co. Fanny Pack.


BAPE x Porter Yoshida & Co. Fanny Pack, around P10,000

Another accessory worth having is a statement watch, and you can’t go wrong with something from Nixon. Go check it out.

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