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Summer Style

This summer, refrain from looking sloppy and lousy and dud
by Lou E. Albano | Mar 13, 2012
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Every summer, you have license to go as casual as possible. But, that doesn't mean you're free to look lousy. While shorts and regular shirts are more welcome in the blistering heat, we believe a respectable young man like yourself should still look sharp.

The solution? Go less or choose the material of your clothes wisely. For instance, if you're deadset on wearing denims, feel free to wear them as shorts. If you need to wear pants, then opt for a pair of khakis; they're more merciful than denim in this heat.

While wearing slippers is a huge temptation, you might want to reserve that look when you're on the beach. Choose instead to wear slip-ons; they're cooler than wearing sneakers because hey! They don't require socks. Remember however, to use foot powder. Mahirap na ang mabahong paa!

Check out the gallery below to get fashion ideas for the summer.

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