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The Funniest And Swaggiest Local Streetwear Parodies

Because Pinoys are great at spoofing anything and everything
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 29, 2018
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A lot of streetwear looks are inspired, remixed, riffs, or straight up jokes based on another brand's iconic design. It's generally an accepted thing, so much so that this creative parody process even happens in the form of official collabs between the two parties. Of course we pun-loving Pinoys didn't get left behind though—here are our all-time favorite local streetwear parodies that merge humor with style. 

PROGRESS "Supring"

The stars, or perhaps names, aligned for this Supreme homage by the folk at PROGRESS. Wordplay, a design that always looks good, and the perfect muse make this one of the GOATs.

Malacañang Skateboards "Malacañang Palace"

The convenient fact that we have an actual palace in our general knowledge meant this local take on Palace something that was just begging to be made. We're glad that Malacañang Skateboards was up to the task.

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Linya-Linya "Antay Sweldo Social Club"

Linya-Linya isn't exactly a streetwear brand, but you don't have to be one with the scene to recognize that wavy Anti Social Social Club as something popular with hypebeasts. They also managed to sneak in some classic Pinoy oh so relatable hugot vibes with their remix—man, waiting for sweldo sucks.

Krunk Clothing "Anti Shoe Shoe Expert"

If you want an ASSC joke jawn blessed by the streetwear gods, check out this Anti Shoe Shoe Expert take by Krunk that pokes fun at the brand, at people who are way too into shoes, and was released at Secretfresh (which is owned by our streetwear hero, Bigboy Cheng).

AbovetheAnkle “Gutsi Zhorts"

High fashion houses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are often the target of the fun treatment as well. The color scheme that AbovetheAnkle uses for their "Gutsi" shorts are unmistakable—and fills in a niche since Gucci themselves don't really make pairs like these!

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Salty. "Lucky Me! SUPREME"

Perhaps the most tired joke in the (local) history of Supreme, the "Ano yan? Lucky Me?" gets immortalized in this collab, that will sadly never come true for real, by Salty. Or could it? Stranger things have happened.

Salty. "Jestoni des Alarcon"

Did you know that Comme des Garçons is actually a Japanese brand? If you aren't a streetwear head, then now you do. Did you know that Jestoni Alarcon's handsome mug belonged on a shirt? Now you do, too.

Hotlambing "Hotlambing"

So kids, back in the day, Drake's viral hit of the moment was "Hotling Bling" and it came with that all-pink graphic which was aesthetic af. Hotlambing then mixed it up with some wordplay that was so thematically perfect with the source material we wished we came up with it ourselves.

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