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The Best Anime and Gaming Clothing You Can Score RN

Wearable merch so you don’t even have to wait for events like APCC
by Karen Mae De Vera | Aug 22, 2017
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Geek culture has successfully permeated the public consciousness (cue girls declaring “I’m such a geek eh”) and is a pop culture moneymaker these days. Because of this, it’s much easier to find wearable merch—and you don’t even have to wait for events like APCC. A lot of local stores have gotten in on the act so we’re already sure that you’ve seen loads of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and more floating around. So we decided to focus on the other realms such as video games and anime that have licensed threads. The following clothing items definitely aren’t the jej oversized, multi-colored anime polo shirts of yore, nor are they badly silk-screened knockoffs. Suit up!

1) Cool Japan Shop for… Neon Genesis Evangelion!

P1,151 (Asuka, Misato, and Pen Pen shirts)

Based on the retro anime that deconstructed the mecha genre and introduced '90s emo kids to nihilistic and existentialist ideas—as well as all-time great waifu Asuka Langley Soryu. Whether you’re into the feisty redhead or cute mascot Pen Pen, this shop’s gotchu fam.

Where? SM Light Mall Pioneer Mandaluyong and Festival Supermall Muntinlupa City

2) Globe Lifestyle for… Pokémon!

P495 each


Don your fave Starter Pokémon, in graphic tee or jersey-style tops, as you go on raids and search for the PoGo Legendaries. Fortunately, some of these shirts are unisex so you can at least sport matching couple shirts with the GF without looking like a total cornball.

Where? Click this link

3) Topology PH for… Resident Evil and Street Fighter!

P650 each

The prints feature some badass designs (Umbrella logo) and some cheekier ones (Nemesis eating a bowl of cereal) if you don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s even some Pinoy culture thrown into one of the SF prints, which features a pedicab. With various prints to suit your preferences, we’re Shoryuken find a shirt that’s just for you.

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Where? Click this link

4) J!NX for…Overwatch!

Around P1,120-P3,500


Overwatch has the classic deep Blizzard lore and art that lends itself really well to clothing design. J!NX ships to most countries around the world including the Philippines but expect that it will take awhile for your payload to arrive (compared to local online stores), but it will be well worth the wait.

Where? Click this link.


5) Giordano for… Voltes V!

P999 (Printed Tees)

P1,099 (Polo)

P2,099 (Hoody Jacket)


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the retro mecha anime, Giordano released Voltes V-themed shirts, hoodies, and polos with majority drenched in the robot’s signature colors of red, yellow, white, and blue. And it’s surprisingly not baduy at all. In fact, even if your office has a strict dress code, you can opt for the collared shirts that would be an instant pass during smart casual Fridays. So what are you waiting for? Let’s volt in!

Where? All Giordano branches nationwide.

6. Uniqlo for…Nintendo!



Uniqlo really does have it all, The Japanese brand even has several Nintendo titles in shirt form. Accompanying Super Mario on the shelves are Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Splatoon, and The Legend of Zelda. And they’re not just generic prints, these are designs made by die-hard Nintendo fans in a worldwide contest held by Uniqlo. They didn’t just go for a shameless money grab slap on a screenshot, it’s a freaking work of art!

Where? All Uniqlo branches nationwide

7) .... and One Piece!



All aboard the hype train as the sea-faring anime celebrates its 20th anniversary with a cool collab with Uniqlo. We can’t believe the series has gone that long with Luffy barely aging.

Where? All Uniqlo branches nationwide

8) Garena Merchandise Caravan for…League of Legends!

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P250 (Legendary)

P300 (Inventory)

P300 (GGWP)


We’re digging the in-game jokes that will help you easily ID a fellow LoL player in the crowd. Unfortunately, you can’t buy these in the store and can only purchase them during the annual Rampage convention. But if you’re patient enough (or you’re an in-game camper), you can wait until next year rolls around.

Where? Rampage Convention

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