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The #CondomChallenge, Steph Curry's New Mansion, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

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by Mars Salazar | Nov 27, 2015
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A new online trend that will probably make you face palm, get the Foo Fighters’ latest EP (for FREE!!!), and check out Stephen Curry’s new pad in this new edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

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A new survey says that more and more girls are drinking alcohol, and they’re having ladies' nights more frequently. Males are still stronger chuggers though, with the average man consuming 18 liters of alcohol per year compared to the fairer sex’s 7.8.

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Life can be pretty tough when you get out of prison after spending half a lifetime behind bars. Take it from Otis Johnson, who entered jail at the age of 25 and was recently released at age 69. Two words that come to mind: Culture shock.

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Need a pick-me-up? Check out these adorable newborn white lion cubs. Much cute, what floof, so wow!


How do you feel about an all-female fight club, with women brawling against each other just for kicks? Definitely unladylike, but certainly interesting!

Everything is more sosi in Singapore, including their McDonald's offerings. They have truffle-flavored Shake Shake Fries, yo!

Speaking of McDo, its Japanese iteration has come out with a 48-piece McNugget meal. Make sure to order a lot of extra rice!

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You remember Brenda Song? You know, that Asian Disney gal from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Well, here she is, all grown up and most probably hotter than a steaming mug of Chinese tea. That’s what you call Asian persuasion!

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the running for an Oscar four times, and he’s never clinched the top prize. He’s pretty intense in his upcoming film The Revenant—like he’s definitely out for some Academy Award blood. Check out the trailer below—you think it’s Best Actor material?

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While we’re talking about upcoming films, the trailer for Captain America: Civil War is also out, and it’s looking damn good. Superhero vs. superhero!

As if we need one more reason to want to be Stephen Curry, the reigning NBA MVP just bought a $3.2-million mansion with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, media and billiards rooms, and a huge-ass wine cellar you can get lost in. Well-deserved, we say.

Spice up No Shave November by adding some glitter to your hard-earned beard, like what these dudes are doing!

Speaking of weird remember last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge? Here’s its successor: The #CondomChallenge, which has silly folks getting condoms filled with water dumped on their heads. Win or WTF?

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Imagine: a naked January Jones in a fur coat that leaves nothing to the imagination. Now here it is, in the flesh. Isn’t reality so much better than imagination?

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Attention, TV addicts: iFlix has just unleashed a new feature called Download and Watch Offline which basically allows you to DL and watch loads of content even without Wi-Fi or data connectivity. The best part? It doesn't come with any additional charges to your subscription!

Breaking news: The Foo Fighters have released a new EP in tribute to the Paris attack victims. Get it here...FOR FREE!!!

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