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The New Rules For Rocking Man-Jewelry

Keep it simple, unless you're sorta flashy
by Vincent Ong | Dec 23, 2016
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Just the word “jewelry” is intimidating enough. It’s either those Tiffany ads that can only mean proposal/wedding season or those silver chains that cholos wear. While you want to be neither, there are ways to accessorize without looking like it’s Halloween. 


Rule #1: Keep it simple.


Miansai bracelet from Ronnie & Joe

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When choosing a signature, look for something that’s not too precious. If it looks like you can’t wash it easily, then it’s probably should be reserved for your ninong


Rule #2: Improvise.


Green and gold bracelet from Aldo Accessories (part of a set)


Waxed shoe laces and strings of colored jute can work very well as wrap bracelets. Everyone says jewelry should be personal, so why not take things from various moments in your life and wear them on your sleeve? Literally.

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Rule #3: Stay within reason, especially when peacocking.


Earring from Aldo Accessories


A silver stud should do on most days. But when trying to flex your style muscle, a matte black disc will suffice. Anything more and you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Besides, what girl would be impressed by earrings with more ice than hers? In Ye’s words...

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Rule #4: Keep it within the family.


Watch from Timex


There’s no point in wearing matchy-matchy pieces, but keeping your accessories in the same color family will definitely pull a look together. Here, it’s the brown in the necklaces and the watch straps. 


Rule #5: Three is a magic number.

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On the left: Metal bracelets from Aldo Accessories, Miansai cuff and leather wrap from Ronnie & Joe

On the right: Black oversize watch and metal bracelet from Aldo Accessories, Miansai rope bracelet from Ronnie & Joe


The old rules are dead and gone. Go ahead and mix metals—plus points for a hammered finish! Want to try different textures? That’s even better. Leather, stone, and metal are all fair game. The key is to edit it down to three pieces that go together and look coherent. This goes for bracelets and necklaces.

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A note on rings: When in doubt, it’s best to stick to the inner fingers and never the pointer or the pinky. And the class ring is a classic—just make sure it doesn’t eat up a third of your finger. See ninongs in rule #1.


Produced and Styled by Vincent Ong  Photographer Eve Baswel  Special thanks to Teddy Garcia & Miguel Escobar

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