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The Pinoy Guy's Guide to Wearing Long Tees

The best thing is you don’t even have to be tall
by Vincent Ong | Nov 15, 2016
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The tall tee (aka long tee, longline tee, extra long tee) is the current iteration of our childhood favorite, the baggy hip-hop shirt. And while we’ve grown and outgrown pretending we’re real G’s, it’s grown to become an arguably respectable trend that references our childish ambitions.

Now called reverse layering by the fashion set, and championed by Ye, the Beibs and streetwear labels the world over, the tall tee trend has found its way into local racks. Good or bad, it looks like it’s here to stay, so you might as well learn how to wear it without looking like a wannabe dancer/rapper—or worse, a douche.

The Every Guy

If you like: Clothes that make you look good but don’t know where to start
Difficulty level: Basic
Style equation: Tall tee + jeans + sneakers
Wear it on: The daily
Style tip: Let one side of the tee snag on your belt, so it’ll look like you nonchalantly half-tuck it. Plus points for shirts that have a different color below the waist or the ones with curved hems. Last, stay away from drop shoulders.

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The City Surfer

If you like: Mojitos, strolling parks and parking lots, and not trying too hard, aka the breezy life
Difficulty level: Intermediate, Casual
Style equation: Tall tee + above-the-knee shorts + sneakers
Wear it on: The weekend
Style tip: Make sure your tailored shorts peek from under the shirt so people don’t report you for indecent exposure. Do not wear with shorts that fall below the knee unless you’re a rapper.


The Man with a Plan

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If you like: Dressing up, a pricey drink in a cool establishment, and a trendy workout like CrossFit, triathlons, or spinning
Difficulty level: Intermediate, Dressy
Style equation: Long sweater + tee + slim pants + slip-ons
Wear it to: A movie date or an impromptu trip to Tagaytay
Style tip: Easiest way to get on the trend without having to commit is a long sweatshirt with side zips. Keep them open so people can tell there’s a difference.

The Streetwear Loyalist

If you like: Fear of God, Hood by Air, and Kanye, but know you shouldn’t be copping his looks as they are
Difficulty level: Advance, Casual
Style equation: Tall tee + cropped jacket + jeans
Wear it to: A night out
Style tip: A jacket that ends at waist lets the tee look long, without you looking like you have an irregularly long torso. In fashion-speak: It highlights the length of the tee while letting people know what your regular proportions are.

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The Swaggy Prepster

If you like: Kicks, undercuts, and now the Biebs thanks to your girlfriend
Difficulty level: Advance, Dressy
Style equation: Tall button down + sweater + chinos + oxfords
Wear it to: The office
Style tip: Commit to the trend and wear the look to work by adding a few formal elements; hence, the collar. Wear it with an elbow tee and kicks give if you’re going for a more casual vibe.

Produced and Styled by Vincent Ong  Photography Kurt Alvarez  Groomed Elvie Calde  Special thanks to Forever 21, Royalty Clothing, Penshoppe, and Miguel Escobar

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