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How The Hell Do You Wear Pastel Colors?

Get your wardrobe ready for the impending summer
by Dyan Sheryl Carolino | Feb 1, 2017
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Pastel colored clothes have always been a big hit with women, but did you know that it’s also one of the must-have trends for men this year, especially for the summer?

Anyone who is a bit experimental when it comes to fashion shouldn't be afraid of pastels. 

What’s So Great About Pastel?
Pastel colors can be worn almost anywhere, at any age, and with any skin tone. 

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It is best worn during the day as pastels work well with sunlight, but you can wear it during the evening, too. Plus, for something that makes a serious statement, pastel clothes can be surprisingly easy to wear. It’s the style equivalent of a choose your own adventure book—you can go as big and bold as you want, or stay safe and sane when needed. The choice is yours.

You might be wondering how to wear pastel while still looking masculine. Don’t worry, it’s 2017, and things have definitely changed. Pastel is nothing more than just a color. A man who wears these soft colors can be considered fashion forward, but it also shows he’s comfortable in his own skin and can wear whatever he pleases.

But if you’re still wondering how to wear pastels, get this: it isn’t that hard. Simply follow the tips outlined below and rock pastel pieces in your daily outfits.

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Pair it with neutrals
If you’re nervous around color, pair pastel with something neutral and focus on one main component—shirt, jacket, or pants—at a time. For instance, if you have a salmon pink top, go for light cream-colored pants; if you’re wearing green chinos, wear a light gray or white button down.

You can also pair it with understated shades like toasted almond, marsala, and dusk blue, which you can pull off with a little thoughtfulness.

When pairing with neutrals, the muted piece will balance the more attention-grabbing shade, making the pastel an accent rather than the main focus of the outfit. Feel free to mix and match color schemes with your socks and neckwear as well.

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Be careful with color-matching
If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, pair those pastel pieces with other pastels. This will result in a warm, relaxed, and welcoming look. Be careful, though. You run a serious risk of looking like a cup of Neapolitan ice cream or salt-water taffy if you don’t know how to coordinate.

The rule of thumb is that the colors should lie closely on the color spectrum—for instance, blue and green goes well together, and so does red and pink. Another rule of thumb is to mix and match hues that lie on the opposite sides of the color wheel, such as blue and yellow.">

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Go for a light wash
If the idea of pastel pants still puts you off, try light wash denim pants instead. It has the same effect as wearing pastel bottoms, but has a more masculine and rugged look.

If you’re going for light wash, match it with a linen shirt and suede loafers.

Incorporate Pastel Accessories
What if preppy isn’t just your style and soft doesn’t sit well with your sartorial taste buds? Well, we can’t do anything about your fashion preferences, but you can still mix and match pastel with other pieces that go well with your style. For instance, if you want an edgy look, go for a blue or pale purple pastel V-neck and pair it with a nice leather jacket.

You may also work those pastels into your look using accessories. Go with a pastel pocket square, for instance—but make sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple and classic. Also, go for popping pastel, such as blue in a classic paisley pattern.

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Now if you’re a bit more daring but still aren’t confident enough to wear full-on pastel, wear a pastel tie. Perfect with a white button-down shirt, it’s a fail-proof office look. Just thrown on a light blue blazer and navy chinos and you’re set. The trick is to keep the rest of the outfit subtle, and let your pastel shade take the spotlight.">

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Wear Shoes with One Block Color
Your footwear depends on what you’re wearing and where you’re wearing it to. A nice pair of all-white training shoes is a good choice, as it balances pastel colors out.

If the look you’re going for is neutral top and bottom and a pastel pair of shoes that pops, good choice. But don’t be too colorful with your feet—it’s best if you choose one block color so as to avoid complicating your look.

With their timeless quality, it seems pastel-colored clothes will never go out of style. So fill your wardrobe with a few go-to pastel pieces to ensure you’re always au courant.


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