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These Local Dudes Are Selling IG-Ready Smokebombs

Do it for the likes!
by Ash Mahinay | Aug 22, 2018
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If you're into streetwear, then we're sure you've seen at least one photo with a swagged-out dude silhouetted by gently billowing clouds of smoke. You probably thought either: a) "Hey, this is aesthetic and worth a double tap!"; or b) "How extra is this shit." Oh and if it was vape smoke then there's also c) "Lol vape."

Nathan Dacanay and Gelo Wong aren't afraid to say that they love doing things for the gram though, and together they have created Burstin' Clouds—your local smoke bomb supply. Aside from fit pics, you could also use these for presentations, events, and even music videos They also think wedding shooters are going to love these. You can even use them for FHM covers:

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Okay, we didn't actually get these from them though.

We asked the young entrepreneurs our burning questions.

Please introduce yourselves!

Gelo: Hi,  I'm Gelo! And this is our startup.

Nathan: I'm Nathan, I'm the founder of ICON asiapopculture and I run some businesses in my area. I'm 21 years old.

 Burstin' Clouds 
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Whose idea was Burstin' Clouds?

N: Gelo's.

G: It started off with a shoot and I was wondering how I could make it creative, and I came across smoke bombs. I looked them up if meron for sale on Facebook, OLX, and Carousell. I checked all the platforms and I didnt see any. There were a few, but they were too expensive and imported from the states so that’s why I started to think about the business.

So does your product come from the US, too?

G: We source it from Southeast Asia.


Do these smoke bombs smell?

N: Not really!

G: Di naman amoy sunog and di siya yung amoy yosi ganun.

N: You light them with a lighter and they last from 30-60 seconds. If you wave it around too much, that's when it runs out way too fast—it’s like powder so every time you wave it around, nawawala.

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It's not super cheap, so yeah, best refrain from wild swinging for your wallet's sake

Aside from hypebeasts, who do you plan to sell these to?

G: Street photogs, Wedding photogs—for me that's the new thing right now. I’ve seen a lot of weddings where they use smokebombs. Music festivals, too.

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N: Even parties!

 Burstin' Clouds 

Like everything IG, it can be a bit of a fad though, right?

N: Yes, of course. Like fairy lights before it.

G: Basically we wanted to start off with photography props, pero like fairy lights, mahahanap mo na yun sa Divisoria.

N: Eventually, this whole smokebomb thing might end up like them.

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"Fairy lights" were popularized by IG photographer Brandon Woelfel

So do you expect to make money from this or are you in it for the fun?

G: Honestly, I believe we only have a certain amount of time. At a certain point marami nang gagaya after, so it’s better we start the trend here in Manila. It took me a few months to find these din!

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