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Learn The Suit Care Ways Of The Country's Master Tailor

Let Nap Arienza show you how
by Khatrina Bonagua | Mar 7, 2018
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Napoleon “Nap” Arienza has been dressing some of the country’s most important men—from former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada to Hollywood actors like Pierce Brosnan (James Bond)—for over 15 years now.

Nap is the man behind bespoke tailoring company, TIÑO. Trained by an Italian artisan in Penne, Italy, he has been in the industry since 1979. Today, he runs his workshop with his grandson, tailors, and apprentices.

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Suits cost an arm and a leg, so you want to be sure that it lasts for as long as possible. During the launch of the exclusive collaboration between TIÑO and London-based fabric mill Holland & Sherry, we asked the master tailor from some hacks on how to take care of the expensive ensemble.

Don’t send it to the cleaners right away


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According to Nap, one of the biggest mistakes is sending a suit to dry cleaning right after using it. Turns out, such practice damages the outfit, wearing away the cloth’s natural fibers. “Naluluma yung suit pag palaging pinapa-dry clean.he says. Unless you sweat through or spill something on the jacket, his advice is just “hang it in fresh air. Afterwards, keep in a garment bag and stash inside the closet properly.”

If you rarely wear yours, have it dry cleaned only once a year.

Spot clean tiny stains

However, if there’s tiny stain, he suggests that you "spot clean" your suit instead of handing it to the cleaners right away. “Use a soft towel with water to wipe the stain away. Tapos sampay at patuyuin mo lang.”


Use a rounded hanger

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To maintain the form of the suit, the Nap requires a wooden or plastic hanger with round edges. “Using a rounded hanger will support the shoulder parts. At mame-maintain yung magandang bagsak ng suit kahit matagal na nasa cabinet,” he says.

Remove odor by freezing

Believe it or not, freezing your suit even for a couple of hours gets rid of that stinky odor. “The smell on your suit is created by bacteria. And freezing your suit kills that bacteria,” he explains.


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