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6 Ultimate Tips For Pulling Off Leather Jackets (According To Movie Stars)

How do you rock that new jacket? Let FPJ teach you how.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 12, 2016
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What do the coolest leading men in movies have in common?

Oozing confidence? The strength to kill an entire army by himself? It's these things and this: They all wear leather jackets.

Few articles of clothing scream "badass" like a leather jacket. Allow these guys to teach you how to rock it like a boss.

1) Let your action do the talking.

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As demonstrated by: Fernando Poe Jr. as Guerrero in Hindi Ka Na Sisikatan Ng Araw

Do people tell you that you look stupid for wearing a jacket in this weather? Grow your sideburns, act tough, always talk like you mean business, and see if they even dare to bust your balls. You want to command attention? It pays to do it like Da King.

2) Wear it with bad-boy confidence.

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As demonstrated by: Robin Padilla as Senator Gabriel Molino Alcaraz in 10,000 Hours

It's no secret that what you feel radiates through your get-up. So if you want to look great, wear your leather jacket with confidence. This applies to anything you wear actually. If you're going to wear it, always wear it like you mean it.

3) Slick your hair back.

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As demonstrated by: E.R. Ejercito as Arturo Porcuna in Boy Golden: Shoot To Kill, The Arturo Porcuna Story

Look, your jacket is a meticulously sewn piece of clothing. It looks pretty special. Make sure your hair matches it.


4) Don't be afraid to walk in the rain in it.

As demonstrated by: Joel Torre as Mario "Tatang" Maghari in On The Job

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That thing is made for cold, wet weather. Don't be a sissy, and act like you're too scared to get your expensive jacket all soaked up.

5) Move away from the black leather jacket, son.

As demonstrated by: Jake Cuenca as Manny in Status It's Complicated

Your grandpa bought a black bomber when he was your age. Your dad rocked the same color during his teenage years. Your friends and the rest of the world probably have one, too. Stand out by rocking one in a memorable color combination.

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6) Pair it with tattered jeans.

As demonstrated by: Enrique Gil as Drake Sison in Just The Way You Are

Your brand new jacket looks sweet...and also, a little too brand new. How do you put a little grunge in your #OOTD? Pair it with those jeans you ripped up with a razor, of course.

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