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How To Properly Rock A Pair Of Shorts

Flaunt those legs in style!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Aug 14, 2015
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Despite the obvious simplicity, shorts can be tricky to choose and wear. From stuff like length, fitting, and patterns to colors and your terno choice of top, every single detail should be carefully considered if you want to look at tad better than the next shorts-wearing goon.

To help you identify the right pair and the appropriate place to wear shorts, we've compiled photos from the Instagram account of the nation’s number one fashion blogger, David Guison, to help you out.

Read on and be on your way to putting more style into your casual everyday wear!


Pick navy or dull brown shorts and pair it with a tee. To make it look sophisticated, don't forget to put your coat on.

Who wants to play chess? 😜 This grid set--now live on the blog! #dgmnl #dgmaniladotcom

A photo posted by David Guison (@davidguison) on


Any color should look great. Just remember, if you pair it with a printed shirt, you must also wear a plain polo (and vice versa).


Wanna get laid tonight? Here’s a tip: Show some skin. Girls also like seeing some flesh, so flaunt those leg muscles with a stylish pair of shorts!

That hostel life @spinhostelph #spinelnido #nuffnangXspinph

A photo posted by David Guison (@davidguison) on


Forget board shorts. Every man at the beach is already wearing that. Be different and make all girls remember you. Wear cotton shorts that don't reach knee level and pair it with a light-colored top.

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It's a jungle out there 🐞🐛 #ElNido (📷: @vinaguerrero)

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Stick to the basics if there's nothing special for the day (read: don't go everboard with the patterns, colors, and pairings).

Exploring the small town of #Boljoon and came across this pseudo-baroque rococo style church @cebutriptours

A photo posted by David Guison (@davidguison) on

Running errands today wearing @middleclass_clothing 🏃 #ootd

A photo posted by David Guison (@davidguison) on

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