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10 Of The Best Board Shorts For Your Next Beach Getaway

There's no reason for you not to swim in style
by Ash Mahinay | May 1, 2018
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Hope your Labor Day plans came through, fam. If not, there's still the rest of May to catch up on a non-Boracay beach trip—and don't forget to update your board shorts to match your new surroundings too by the way.

1 and 2) Factorie

Photo by Factorie

P999, Factorie

If you're indecisive AF about what color shorts you want, this one has all of them. So many layers like a cake you just want to eat.

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Photo by Factorie

P990, Factorie

Here's an alternate colorway for lounging at the pool rather than banana boating.

3) Folded & Hung

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Photo by Folded & Hung

More luxe beachwear in a rich maroon. Probably goes great with a solid tan (as most of these shorts will).

P699.75, Folded & Hung

4) Abercrombie & Fitch

Photo by Abercrombie & Fitch

Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light. But some, AKA you, are in fact not afraid to step out in some Baywatch trunks.

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P4,349, Abercrombie & Fitch

5) Hollister

Photo by Hollister

An alternative to the shocking red pair above, is this one in a deep navy tone.

P2,279, Hollister


6) Jack Wills

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Photo by Jack Wills

From sea blue to sky blue with this lightweight pair.

P2,439, Jack Wills


Photo by Stoked

That red stripe is a killer detail.

P2,399, Stoked

8) Bench

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Photo by Bench

The uniform of supremely confident bros is still the shockingly colored pair. Here's option one in a hot pink.

P299, Bench

9) Concorso

Photo by Concorse

Here's another choice in electric green.

P599, Concorse

10) Guppy Shorts

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Photo by Guppy Shorts

And this brighter-than-sunshine yellow (with a sneaky pattern) one will help you realize your full beach-god potenital!

P600, Guppy Shorts

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