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10 Short Sleeve Shirts That Are Perfect For Work And Play

When you're not so sure how casual or formal to go, choose any of these
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 6, 2018
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The existence of short-sleeved shirts seems unnecessary sometimes—lacking the fanciness of their long-sleeved cousins and lacking the chill of their tee bros, you may wonder what the point is, right? Well, the point is you've just been wearing the wrong shirts. Here are our top picks for the do-anything top and remember: the number one sin in wearing short-sleeved button downs is going for one that is way too tight. We're sure you're familiar with that, so size up accordingly because these shirts are here to have fun and not choke your man boobs to death.

Enimal Daniel Uncle shirt

Photo by Enimal

This local brand's loose fitting pinstripes will make you the coolest tito.


Zara Wide Stripes

Photo by Zara
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Riotous colors that work day or night! Don't be afraid of this one.


Zara Striped shirt

Photo by Zara

The pajamas look is all the rage nowadays, here's a top tier example.


BRKLSS Pinup button down

Photo by BRKLSS

All over prints on a full-sleeved shirt or tee can look a bit much, but slap on a short-sleeve and they always seem right at home.

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Topman Burgundy Resort Stripe shirt

Photo by Topman

A dressier set of non-pajamas.


Straightforward Supersoft Lounge shirt

These shirts feature a rayon mix that won't reveal those sweat spots as much, perfect for you glandular types out there.

Photo by Straightforward

Photo by Straightforward
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Penshoppe Poplin shirt with pocket

Photo by Penshoppe

Poplin has a crispy air to it that makes it appropriate for almost any lunch or dinner. Just be sure not to go too tight as we have warned.


Penshoppe Chambray shirt with all-over print

Photo by Penshoppe

Another set of bold stripes, but they've dialed the color down to a solid 8 for this one.

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Quiksilver Mens Classics short sleeve shirt

Photo by Quiksilver

Remember what we said about fit? Pick a shirt out from a surf brand like Quiksilver if you're being really particular about that saktong chill vibe. Surfers live for that sort of thing.


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