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5 Stylish Water-Resistant Watches To Keep Your Wrist-Game Strong

These bad boys can take you into the deep
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 20, 2018
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Not all waterproof watches are made equally. Some are just water-resistant, but that’s enough to deal with sweat, spray, splashes and even getting thrown into the water for a bit. If you do have a compelling need to wear a watch into the drink though, there’s something for you too.

1) Woodchuck Manila Black Walnut

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Photo by Woodchuck Manila

A wooden timepiece is the perfect match for the beach when things are dressed down, but don’t think that means it has to be brown. This matte black watch is the total opposite of what you’d expect from something made out of a tree and is resistant to 30 meters! To put things into perspective, around 40 meters and beyond is the depth where divers can start to get decompression sickness!

P2,999, Woodchuck Manila

2) Kawayan The Willow

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Photo by Kawayan

This watch has a kawayan case, genuine leather straps, and…a digital face? If you want something different (and still eco-friendly), this is it­. Labeled “splash-resistant,” you may want to keep this out of the water more than the others though.

P2,200, Kawayan


3) Ibarra Manila Salvador Automatic

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Photo by Ibarra Manila

If you think a watch made out of metal would be better, then you’re obviously correct because the Salvador is good and resistant to 50 meters. It also has this retro-looking bezel that is sure to garner compliments when you’re not underwater.

P22,385, Ibarra Manila

4) Casio G-Shock DW-5600MS-1D

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Photo by G-Shock

The big dog when it comes to water-resist­—or everything resist for that matter—is none other than the G-Shock. We’re quite fond of the rectangular shaped ones so it’s what we’ve put on here, but you can’t go wrong with its more rounded brethren either because they all go nicely all the way to 200 meters below.

P3,995, Time Depot

5) Luminox Navy Seal Chronograph

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Photo by Luminox

If you want a watch that looks hard AF, or maybe you are actually off to war, then this pack this Navy Seals-inspired piece alongside your guns and ammo. Good to 200 meters and built with materials chosen for ruggedness over aesthethics, this will surely survive even the wildest beach parties.

Price available upon request, Luminox

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