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The Ultimate Guy’s Guide To Wearing Bracelets

We suggest starting with the simplest piece out there so you don't look like a loaded DOM
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 22, 2018
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Male jewelry isn't a big consideration for most dudes, because life is perfectly fine without any—unless you happen to be a rapper or something. Before you delve into grills, chains, rings, and earrings though, we suggest starting with the simplest piece out there: the bracelet.


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

You could wear a solid metal bangle on your wrist, but we prefer the comfier chain-link bracelet. Get it in silver or the classic “Saudi gold.” Attention to detail is key, make sure to test fit it on your wrist to make sure you've got the right size—both diameter and thickness of the piece. The chain will also be the dressiest bracelet in your budding jewelry box, so dress appropriately—no to denim and tees (because hello DOM vibes), yes to shirts and slacks.


For daily use, the cord bracelet is what you need. Being made from textile material, they come in a wide range of colors and prints to suit whatever OOTD you're trying to pull off. You can get something like a Rastaclat, with a very casual vibe: 

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Photo by Rastaclat

Or a dressier one like a Miansai, which comes with some matching hardware to upscale things:

Photo by Miansai

Remember anklets? Well, that's how you should think about these bracelets (aka not too hard) because if you're looking for the ultimate starter bracelet, then it would be made of cord.

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Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Etsy

We're listing these two together because they both veer towards the same happy hippy aesthetic. A leather bracelet can look super lux, but we'd rather use the more rugged options out there. Along with its beaded brother, these bracelets are the type you can wear during outdoor activities while in a tanktop.

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Is it okay to wear them with a watch?

If you've got a timepiece that matches your bracelet, feel free to stack those bad boys together. Otherwise, you can get maximum mileage by wearing your goods on opposite wrists. Compare these two combos for example—we know which pairing we'd split up:

Photo by G-Shock

Can I create some mad stacks?

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Feel free fam, we recommend having an equally layered and detailed outfit if you decide to go down this route though. You don't want your jewelry to become the focal point of your entire rig.

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