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These Sick Anime T-Shirts Will Soon Be Available At Uniqlo

From Ghost Fighter to Dragon Ball Z, they gotchu fam
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 4, 2018
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Being an otaku doesn't mean spending most of your time in cosplay—take a look at Uniqlo's collection, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the massive Weekly Shonen Jump circulation:

"From classics to the newest hits, the T-shirts will take you back to the most dramatic scenes and episodes," the capsule's description on the Japanese retailer's website read. True enough, over 40 references higlighted in these themed tops represent the beloved manga and anime culture.

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FHM lists some of its personal favorites from the nostalgia-charged collection:

It's over 9000!

It would be blasphemous to exclude arguably the biggest franchise from Shonen Jump, especially with the recent success of Dragon Ball Super. Although expect classic scenes from Dragon Ball Z to be featured, such as Yamcha dying (sorry) and Vegeta the Saiyan Prince. Good thing the shirts look nothing like their heavyset Battle Armor.

More than a Straw Hat

Eiichiro Oda's quirky visuals about Luffy's journey to become the Pirate King deserve a fitting tee render. With a storyline and crew as vast as the Grand Line, the design possibilities are basically endless. Think about it: One Piece has been going on for so long (since 1997) that it has enough material to last through future collections.



No shame in doing that comical ninja sprint just to get your hands on a piece of clothing with Naruto or Itachi Uchiha in front. The action-adventure-comedy is part of the "Holy Shounen Trinity" for a reason (alongside One Piece and Bleach), and the guys at Uniqlo know full well. We'll be having the full Tailed Beasts and Akatsuki sets, please!

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Isang daang porsyento!

Known as Ghost Fighter around these parts, Yu Yu Hakusho is easily the closest to the hearts of Pinoys. Credit that unique bond to each character, whether a protagonist like Eugene or antagonist like Taguro, being relatable. An exclusive release centered on the Reigan-toting spirit detective's exploits would still sell out, to be honest.

According to Uniqlo Philippines' official Facebook page, the first release will be on Monday, April 9


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