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5 Tips When Updating Your Mandrobe On A Budget

How to undergo a style update without breaking the bank
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 15, 2016
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Ever had a bad mandrobe day? When the pieces in your cabinet bore you and nothing you put on looks special? Sounds like you need an update.

The idea may be intimidating as it sounds like you will need to bring out a lot of money. But that is absolutely wrong. Check out these tips (and tricks) to help you freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

1) Set your priorities

Before you go out of the door, make a list of the things you'll need. Among the pieces fashion stylist Bela Vitug recommends you to prioritize are a white tee, button down shirt, jeans, and shoes.

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The white shirt and button-down are versatile pieces, she says. "You can wear it with different outfits, from a formal wear to a casual look. You just have to play around."

Speaking of playing around, here's another tip: "Jeans, specifically dark blue, are great substitute for trousers. Make sure it’s perfectly fitted to give you a sharp look."

Unsurprisingly, Bela says white sneakers are the best footwear option. "A pair of white kicks can be worn with anything from a tee and jeans combo to a full suit."

2) Take advantage of sales

Sale shopping is the best way to make the most of your money and walk away with great pieces. But remember: Don't just grab and pay. You have to assess the clothes very well.  

"Look for imperfections; it might have a snug, a stubborn zipper, or stain. Check every inch of it," advise our stylist. "Always opt for quality over quantity. If you set a budget and are eyeing certain items to buy, stick to your shopping list or you might end up impulse-buying."


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3) Go online shopping

"Online shopping is a convenient way to purchase items because the products are direct from the manufacturer," shares Bela. In addition, online retailers don't charge taxes so it is so much cheaper. Couple these with coupons, online saving codes, and deals of the days, and you'll be able to save more.

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4) …or check out these shops

If you're a fan of branded clothes but you don't want to spend so much, Bela says the best shops to visit are Uniqlo, Factorie, Markus, and H&M. "These shops offer quality clothes and sneakers. You'll be able to buy several quality items when you have a below-P5,000 budget."

5) Reinvent items you already own

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Before you throw your old clothes (or pass it to your little brother), evaluate pieces that still have styling potential. Bring out the creative side in you and do DIYs. Here's Bela: "DIY is a fun process and helps you recreate your plain jeans to ripped jeans or white t-shirt to a graphic tee."

Not particularly artsy? There are a lot of tutorial videos available on YouTube.


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