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Vagary Timepieces

Wear your badges, lads

| Sep 23, 2008
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Indie is what Vagary, the new brand of watches to hit town, had in mind with their timepieces. The brand, coming from Italy, reeks with Italian splendor and style. And it’s for every kind of free spirit, too—you can go glam or edgy or even retro! But it’s not just style, too. Vagary’s parent brand, Veglia, is a famous provider of speed meters to certain not-so-little-known car brands like, Alpha Romeo and Ferrari, so you know accuracy and precision ranks high up there together with style and the Indie spirit. Vagary, it’s been said, works around the “Happy and surprise” concept. With the marriage of style and substance in every Vagary timepiece, happily surprised is what its wearers must be. - Lou Albano