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How To Ace Rainy Season Clothes, According To A Stylist

It's time to update your wardrobe with rain-friendly clothing
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Aug 11, 2016
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It's been raining non-stop for the past few days and with it comes several challenges—from getting wet when you least expect it to having to deal with soaked, smelly shoes.

It's almost impossible to dodge these fashion problems; the least a swag dude can do is prepare for them. How? By having all the essential items necessary for the rainy season...


For men who don't fancy carrying around an umbrella, a hooded jacket's a great alternative. "Hoods for men are structured to give more coverage from the rain," says fashion stylist J-Em Sta. Ana. Pick one that is light, easy to pack in your bag, and can give you excellent coverage. Ditch the boring black or brown, and go in for patterned or bright colors this rainy season.

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If you're looking for a jacket that's perfect for all occasions, a cardigan is a great choice. "Hoodies are more of an outdoor outfit but this long-sleeved open chested piece is also perfect for rainy days," Sta. Ana explains. Don't put too much thought into wearing a cardigan, though—treat it like any other jacket and you'll see how easy it is to wear.


Linen shirts are great layering pieces. They're made of lightweight materials and can easily dry up in case you get wet. It's also important that you cover up nicely during this chilly season to protect yourself from the diseases (fever, cold, flu) that comes with it. Pullovers are the most appropriate for the season. It serves as a protective layer keeping your body warm and dry.

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When the rain pours, it's advisable to keep your light-colored jeans in your wardrobe. Stick to darker shades as the stains won't be too obvious in it and can be washed off easily. And just because it's raining doesn't mean you have to ditch your trusty shorts. You can pair your chino with a button down shirt. This way, says Sta. Ana, "your pants won't get soaked and you won't have to wait all day long for it to dry up."

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Canvas and suede shoes are both made of highly absorbent materials and can hold onto stains too easily—ditch them whenever there's a downpour. The best choice is a good pair of boots.

"You don't have to be a hipster to rock one," says our stylist. "Wear them because they're waterproof—you can pair them with your ripped jeans and plain shirt for a bad-ass rainy day look."

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You can also opt for a pair of loafers with a rubber sole as "they give you a great grip" when it's slippery outside.


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