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What’s Wrong With The Fake Streetwear In This Viral Video?

These kids aspiring for a more stylish lifestyle are being publicly ridiculed and condemned for their (somewhat) funny post
by Ash Mahinay | Aug 14, 2017
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So there’s this video lately featuring a posse from Baguio, stunting amongst the pines in head to toe choice cuts:

There’s no special production value that drew over 200k viewers here, it’s just a giant fit video with the dude’s buddies all clad in Off-white, Aape, and Thrasher—all well-known and well-loved streetwear brands. But the already 2k strong comments section is full of people cringing, throwing shade, and generally making fun of these kids.

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So what’s wrong with the video?

It’s all fake, smh!

We aren’t going to defend the legitimacy of their clothing because we’d probably just get embarrassed. So, yeah, they are likely 100% fake.

They are cancer and killing the legit scene

Fake shaming is real, but unlike sketchy resellers or struggling Instagrammers who mix in choice knockoffs with their otherwise legit outfits, these kids aren’t trying to fool anyone with their copycat clothing—themselves included. You can’t be woke enough to want Off-white and not possibly know the real things can be prohibitively expensive. That would take some special concentrated effort at staying ignorant.

So if a bunch of kids dress up and take photos in their knock-offs, photos that circulate in a space of social media obviously removed from “real” streetwear circles, is it really killing the scene?


FHM, you are a bunch of FAKE APOLOGISTS

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Nope, we don’t condone fake things, but it’s kind of gross for rich kids—and grown men—to go “so wrong” and mock their responses like “’Di kami mayaman katulad niyo so fake lang kami,’ lol bruhhhh!” Other haters aren’t necessarily rich kids or even into clothes in general, but just haters who will pile on any unfortunate topic of the week. So forget them and we’ll just shoutout to the streetwear players specifically: they’re just kids having some aspirational fun! It’s cool that you can produce that same group vid with all original outfits but, you know, check your privilege before talking down at others.

It’s a person’s choice where to spend their clothing money, fake or otherwise. But the moment they start scamming, stealing, or commenting smack on your social media, feel free to call them out. Otherwise, we say walang basagan ng trip.

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What’s the alternative?

“Don’t hate, educate!” We aren’t idealists who believe everyone can just get along, not least in fashion (LOL!), so we are totally behind this idea some level-headed commenters offered up: if you can’t afford the real things, why not buy local instead? They don’t come with rape prices and you can start building your collection while you work your way up to real P8k Off-white shirts.

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