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What To Wear To A Baptism, Wedding, And A Funeral—Unambiguously Explained!

These are occasions where you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 26, 2017
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Some, okay, a lot of us find dressing up for big occasions a major drag, but we should really stop complaining. The world is more casual than ever (witness athleisure becoming lowkey work attire) so the rare times when you have to put together an actual outfit can hardly be called suffocating. In fact, the dress code for fancy things isn’t even that strict compared to say, the '90s when leather shoes seemed only to come in black.

And until you get on the receiving end of someone looking like a major slob during a momentous event of your own, you’ll never really understand. We’re doing 50% of the effort for you with this guide, so go forth and get dressed well.


There is no need to carefully parse the invitation for subtle clues to the dress code. A binyag most likely takes place in a church­—and what do you wear in a church?


1) Wear a collared shirt, even just a polo.

2) Wear trousers, khakis, chinos.

3) Casual dress shoes or clean, classic sneakers.

4) Yes, you can wear jeans but you’re trying not to be the sloppy tito here.


1) Wear a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes unless you want to look like one of the altar boys.

2) Wear shorts.



Wear what the invite says–wag ka pa-star. They don’t send out wedding invites the week before, so there’s really no excuse not to prepare.


1) Black tie: wear a tuxedo (simplified, it’s a suit with a satin collar and worn with a white shirt only) with shiny shoes.

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2) Formal: wear a suit and tie.

3) Semi-formal: wear a dress shirt and trousers with matching coat, or your suit with no tie.

4) Casual: wear a dress shirt and trousers.

5) If the couple comes up with some imbento dress code like “beach casual,” don’t be afraid to ask. It’s not like they’ll uninvite you because you did.


1) Wear jeans. There are trousers for sale everywhere now, it’s not like it’s hard to buy a pair.

2) Wear sneakers. If you can cop endless pairs of kicks, you can buy a pair of dress shoes.



Filipino wakes often take place right in the funeral parlor, so the two occasions seem to bleed into each other. But what you’re probably thinking of is the occasion with snacks and orange juice being passed out, so:


1) Keep it black, navy blue, or darker shades of grey. Only white if you somehow don’t own any clothing in those other colors.

2) We don’t really do the whole suits at the cemetery thing, so don’t worry that everyone is going to show up like that.

3) Take your time to go home and change first if you decide to pass by after work or something and you look gross/feel inappropriately color schemed, it’s not like the deceased is going anywhere.


1) Wear a hat

2) Wear shorts

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