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What to wear to a job interview

<p>What to wear to nail that job!</p>
| Nov 9, 2009
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So you nailed a job interview—congratulations! While you are pretty sure you have a lot of intelligent things to say, you must remember that the whole application begins the moment the interviewer sees you. So it's important that with your appearance alone, you make an awesome first impression.

Always consider the business environment of the company you’re going for. Otherwise, what you’re wearing just might cost you the job.

In a country full of ideals, appearances do matter. You wouldn’t hire a secretary who can’t walk on too short and too tight a skirt! Or, maybe you would. But the point is, do not let the clothes wear you.

The interviewer should see you. You may have smartest-looking ensemble but you may also come across as unapproachable, feeling or unfit with the rest of the team. Remember the reaction you are aiming for is: “He looks like he can do a great job!” and not “What is he wearing?!” Or worse, “Who does he think he is!?”

When in doubt always go for the conservative dress code. It is best to be prepared than sweaty and worried. It just makes sense to dress up than down.

Here are the guidelines for your interview attire.
•    Solid color terno suit that’s your own. Do not borrow!
•    The safe white or blue long sleeve shirt. Any other color might be too loud or too in-your-face.
•    Nice tie. Now is not the time to try and be cute with loud/cartoony prints.
•    Dark socks.
•    Professional leather shoes with matching belt.
•    No unnecessary jewelry except wedding ring and watch.
•    Neat hairstyle.
•    Go easy on the aftershave/perfume.
•    Clean, trimmed nails.
•    Briefcase.

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