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10 Beach Outfits That Will Make You Look Irresistible This Summer

Your indispensable summer fashion guide is here
by Vincent Ong | Mar 9, 2017
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Summer is here and beach trips are on the agenda. You've heard it before: Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean your style has to be, too. How else will you impress the girl of your dreams if you're looking like trash? What you wear will be the icing on top of all your gym prep, assuming you've had the time to do those crunches. 

Let's start by taking stock of our options.

Hoodie: Volcom; Trunks: Speedo

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Let's get technical swimwear out of the way. If you've been hitting the gym hard and want to show off those quads and glutes, then no other kit will get you out there better than trunks. Pair it with the natural choice for an athlete: A jacket with an impossible-to-miss sports team logo. 

What to avoid: Groom, but hairless legs look suspect unless you're Michael Phelps.

Cap and Sunglasses: H&M; Jammers: Speedo; Slippers: Havaianas from All Flip Flops

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The cousin of trunks, jammers provide more thigh coverage. Ill-advised for leisurely activities but hey, you do you. Just make sure people don't think you're going cycling instead of hitting the water.

What to avoid: Prints that cross the line.

T-shirt: Tenement; Shorts: Speedo

Be it rock metal band references or graphic clip art designs, '80s style tees are back. Which makes it the perfect excuse to bust out your college PE T-shirt to show everyone how fit you've become since graduation. Or, you know, you can just cop a fresh one like this gray shirt from Tenement.

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What to avoid: Shirts with holes are for sleeping, not for making a statement.

Polo: Throwback Fashion; Shorts: Speedo

Camp collar shirts are an easy way to stand out and look like you actually thought about your outfit. A cool print is a big plus—oriental and retro are both ace choices. Boxy fits also help to hide that food baby, but will do nothing for a solid 9-month-old beer belly.

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What to avoid: Hawaiian prints that'll make you look like you're the manong offering "ATV, banana boat, paraw, ma'am?"

Shorts: H&M

Messily roll the sleeves up—as opposed to neatly cuffing them—of a good ol' polo for that post-war sailor vibe. Stripes and fun, kooky patterns make for ace beachside options. 

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What to avoid: Keep that button-down buttoned up if you don't want ab/flab exposure.


 Woven hat and linen kimono: H&M; Shorts: Saturdays NYC from Tenant Manila

Linen and cotton are summer's go-to fabric choices. Mix it up to stay snazzy, even by the water. Julio, get the trike!

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What to avoid: Overdoing it with accessories and looking like a '70s pimp.

Sunglasses: H&M; Shorts: Saturdays NYC from Tenant Manila; Slippers: Havaianas from All Flip Flops

Sometimes a bold pair of shorts is all you need—that and a classic pair of sunglasses. And SPF. Maybe throw on a tank top too if you don't want to get kabag from that sea breeze.

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What to avoid: Don't mix prints! It's safer that way.

T-shirt: Volcom; Shorts: Speedo

Even in the summer, keeping an outfit in the same color family works. The key to pulling off this print-on-print look is having tonal shades of pink both in the tee and the shorts. 

What to avoid: Tie dye that looks like it was made in the '70s.

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T-shirt: H&M; Shorts: Mollusk from Tenant Manila

Here's another way to keep a monochromatic color story. In this case, the key color is mint complemented by a neutral, white, and a pop of red.

What to avoid: Wearing a cap backwards in the sun. That's not the way caps work.

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T-shirt: Surf Is Dead from Tenant Manila; Shorts: Volcom

Be a little irreverent and wear whatever you want. (Or go for designs that say it for you!) It's the summer, so it's time to let loose!

What to avoid: Looking like a fuccboi, which ironically might hurt your chances.

Photographs Paolo Pinedia  Styling and sittings Vincent Ong  Model Luis Meza of IM Agency  Shot on location at Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila

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