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What Women Think Of Men's Swimming Apparel

Let their opinions guide you on what sort of trunks to wear for this year's beach season
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 30, 2016
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Trunks, board shorts, rash guards—which ones will you wear on the beach this summer?

Since we've already asked some of our bros about their thoughts on the latest female swimwear trends, it's only fair to know what the opposite sex thinks of men's swimming apparel.

Read on to find out what your choice of beach wear says about you, according to women.

Rash guard

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"Kailangan may abs ka when wearing a rash guard kasi fit siya. Ang off tignan kung hindi maganda 'yung build ng katawan. Only wear this when surfing or scuba diving. Kung sa swimming pool lang, it would look really funny. Better to go topless or wear a bright colored sando." —Janna, 24, public relations officer

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Swim brief

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"This kind of swimwear is better worn by athletes or professional swimmers. It's okay for ordinary guys to wear it as long as he has the guts, body, and bulge to show off. But mind you guys, it doesn't look so trendy." —JM, 22, fashion stylist

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Square-cut shorts

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"I think it's for the sporty types. You'd wear it not because you want to make prom, but because you're joining a competition. It looks old-school though, I guess, because it's for practical use. It also looks very basic." —Maika, 27, advertising editor

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"A man wearing these swimming trunks is not out to flaunt his beach body, make sand castles or apply sunscreen on you. He's there to practice his butterfly and breaststroke forms. It projects a sense of 'I mean business.' Muscle definition is recommended but not a requirement. It would add to the 'I'm into sports' vibe these trunks have. But if you're a guy and would like to wear it just because you like the look of them then hey, whatever floats your boat. I wouldn't describe them as trendy or makaluma. They sit at the sidelines of fashion too much to be called either of those." —Jill, 22, staffwriter

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Drawstring shorts

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"Its length kinda reminds me of old school basketball shorts. But it still looks trendy given na all the Instagram dudes are wearing it and thigh-ceps are the new biceps raw. It doesn't matter if the guy is fit or not. Depende na lang kung paano siya magdala." —Ria, 24, editorial assistant

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Board shorts

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"Board shorts are forever the best. Anyone can wear it. Whether you are fit or have a dad bod, young or old, it would still look good. The length is perfect; it's not too short and not too long. The fabric used is really meant for swimming so it would never look awkward unlike when you go to the pool wearing basketball shorts. It also never goes out of style." —Millet, 30, nurse

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Photos via Oakley; Penshoppe; Zalora

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