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Where To Get The Best Raw Denim In Manila

Read this if you're looking for a pair for keeps
by Benjie Gana | May 26, 2018
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Did you know denim has been around for more than a century? Initially the preferred workwear for miners, its function has transformed from clothing for hard labor to an essential item in any person's wardrobe. If you're looking for a change from the plain old –and easily wrecked–denim from fast fashion and want to go back to the day of jeans built to last a lifetime, it's time to learn about some selvedge denim jeans.


Yup, despite being a fast fashion brand, Uniqlo actually carries selvedge denim made from Kaihara fabric. It's a great starting point for people who don't want to shell out serious dough just yet. It's also a mix of 98% cotton and 2% spandex giving the pants a "stretchy" feel for daily use.

Photo by Uniqlo

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Prices start at P1990

Léon Denim

Léon Denim is the first and only raw and selvedge denim brand based in the country. They source their fabric from Collect Mills, which also provides fabric to household names in Japanese raw denim such as Momotaro and Japan Blue.

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Prices start at P6,000


Denim Manila

Denim Manila carries different Japanese denim brands such as Momotaro, Stevenson, Iron Heart, and Porky's. In case you haven't noticed yet, the Japanese are the kings of raw denim (with fun brand names) and thankfully there's no need to go all the way to Japan to get some of the best jeans on the market.

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Prices start at P8,000


Signet is a specialty clothing store that carries handmade shoes, tailored suits and shirts, bespoke accessories and, of course, Japanese denim. Their store in Powerplant Mall carries their workwear items and other brands from the denim-crazed country such as One Piece of Rock, Flat Head, Boncura, and Resolute.

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Prices start at P10,000

These selvedge jeans may seem ridiculously expensive for a pair of pants, but these are made to outlive you—you may well end up saving in the long run by rarely having to get new pants! Also, slowly but surely, the pants will become a one-of-one item as the denim's fades will be made by you and not in the exact same spot as every other pair of jeans in the store.


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