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White shirts: Updated!!

<p>Classic white shirts for the modern man</p>
| Nov 23, 2009
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What don't you love about the classic white shirt? It's dependable, it's never out of style, and it's friendly to Manila weather! You can style it up or leave it at that for when laziness strikes.

Below are some updated white shirts we could find in the market. As you will notice, it's influenced by graphic design.

Two tricky things about white tees. One is finding the right fit. You don't want it to look like it's an undershirt or worse, your pambahay. And two, how to keep it white as pearl.

Here’s how you can wash your white shirts to a perfect white gleam

  1. Wash your whites after every wear because when it comes to perspiration, you would want to get rid of those soonest.
  2. Be ahead of the game and use bleaching treatment. Pop in an aspirin in your washer tub to prevent future deodorant stains.
  3. A home remedy would be adding half a cup of baking soda, a whitening agent you can easily buy at the supermarket, to a regular wash load. This gives your bleach extra power. If you do this reduce the amount of bleach you normally use by half.
  4. You can even make white tees and white socks surprisingly clean when you soak them in a solution of a half cup lemon juice or two tablespoons dishwashing detergent in a gallon of hot water for 30 minutes or overnight if they’re filthy!
  5. You will need a steam iron as quick solution for yellow collars. Set the iron to medium heat. Sprinkle baby powder onto the area you want covered then rub it in. Hold the iron about an inch above the soiled spot and steam for a few seconds. Press down the iron and count to three. Shake off any excess powder.

All t-shirts with print from Mental, Trinoma.


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