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STUDY: Here's Why You Don't Wear Most Of The Clothes In Your Man-Drobe

There's someone you could actually blame...
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 15, 2015
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We all do it: we buy clothes we never wear and just let them molder away in our man-drobe as we repetitively use our favorite pieces. Don't be embarrassed about it, though. Science has got you covered!

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According to a study conducted by Thread.coma virtual stylist service, men only wear 13-percent of their clothes and leave 87-percent on the hangers. Not only that, but men actually spend more money than women do on all of the items they're not wearing.

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One theory behind all of the inefficient shopping is that our other half pushes us into buying things we actually don't like. Another non-sexist theory is that "most guys feel so attached to a handful of items that they will be worn until they are falling apart." In other words, it's the #hardtoletgo effect.

"A lot of men prioritize comfort and the security of knowing that items have been worn-in, rather than wearing new clothes that could be more flattering," Thread's spokesman added.

We don't know about you guys but these theories, at the very least, have a point. We also would like to suggest a theory ourselves: the "takaw tingin" syndrome which basically means we think we like a particular clothing item at first glance and then quickly realize we really don't (or that we are find it hard to search for items we can pair with it).

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