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10 Dudes Who'll Convince You To Shave Your Hair This Summer

Is the heat beginning to get to your head?
by Celene Sakurako | Apr 12, 2018
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Is the heat beginning to get to your head? Perhaps it’s time to get chummy with your clippers and go back to the basics by shaving all your hair off with a nice buzz cut. Not only will it keep you from burning up, but it’ll also save you a lot of time and money! Afraid of how you'll look? Here are some formerly fancy-haired dudes who did the same to convince you.

1) D.O.

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When a K-pop star chops his mop top clean, you’d think that his fans would be left furious, but singer and actor Do Kyung-soo a.k.a. DO of EXO proved us wrong. His fuzzy buzz cut late last year for his role as a North Korean soldier in the upcoming movie Swing Kids only made his fans go wilder.

2) Zayn Malik

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Pop star Zayn Malik is one slick dude who’s explored the many possible looks of long hair, and now he's done the same with the buzz cut—from the 3mm buzz cut (with and without the platinum dye) to going all the way and shaving his head completely for a skinhead just last year.

3) Noah Webb

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Basketball player Noah Webb is the finest example of how easy it is to go hairless. Fearlessly replacing his long mane for a complete buzz cut without hesitation, he’s keeping himself fresh on the court this season by letting the breeze hit his head. Swish, swish, bish. 

4) Karl Kramer

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Taking his cue from his brother, PBA champion Doug Kramer, student athlete and model Karl Kramer crushes the game of life with a short hair buzz cut. While he allows his hair to grow a few inches here and there, he always comes back to this go-to look.

5) G Dragon

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Big Bang leader G Dragon has always been a pioneer in fashion with his out-of-the-box hair styles, but even someone like him has sported a buzz cut. The recent military enlistee/singer now has a crew cut, similar to what he had back in 2011.


6) Nick Jonas

Remember when the Jonas Brothers were a thing? Young Nick was known as the bro with the best hair, but even a guy like him couldn't resist shaving it all off. There was even a time when he took the style up a notch by adding sick fades to the sides. 

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7) Brooklyn Beckham

Like father like son. Model and aspiring photographer Brooklyn Beckham took after father David's '90s look when he entered college in New York last year. 

8) Justin Timberlake

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One thing’s for sure, singer and actor Justin Timberlake likes to keep his head nice and smooth. Having kept his buzz cut for over a decade now, it comes without saying that the formerly curly-topped crooner is a huge fan of keeping it clean. 

9) Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West has been known for boasting the close-to-no-hair look for years now, but this year he’s opted for a long, fun do. Playing with colors like pink and neon yellow, he’s now stanning a platinum buzz cut that matches that of Kim K.

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10) Derek Ramsay

Two-time Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actor winner Derek Ramsay, who rocks a shaved-head all year long, is living proof that getting a buzz cut can reap rewards. 

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