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10 Perfumes Perfect For Seducing Her Into The Bedroom

Special scents that will help you score a date this Valentine's
by Shayne Exito | Feb 1, 2017
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You may have nailed it when it comes to your clothes, your shoes, and even your hair, but dab on the wrong perfume and your whole look will suddenly go from hero to zero. After all, just like putting together a solid get-up, you need to make sure your fragrance of choice fits the occasion as well.

To make this happen, having a variety of perfumes on hand is, of course, what’s ideal. This can be a very costly endeavour though, and a big collection is not something you can just splurge on all at once. But picking up a new bottle every once in awhile won’t hurt your wallet too much, will it? To help you on your way, here’s a list of 10 perfumes that you can definitely consider this 2017:

1) Only The Brave by Diesel

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Let’s start things off with a fist-bump between bros, shall we? Diesel’s OTB line all come in bottles shaped like a clenching fist, and really, how much manlier can you get than that? This perfume in particular starts off a bit mild, but it soon develops interesting oriental-woody notes with leather components that may surprise you.

2) Guess Seductive Homme Blue

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A sensual masterpiece, this fragrance is crisp, woody, and spicy all at the same time. The first round leaves a salty marine crispness in the air, but it soon turns into something warm and spicy—a study in contrasts that’ll prove irresistible to the ladies!

3) Artisan by John Varvatos

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This one is a bit of a cult classic, and for a good reason: Artisan is perfect for the man who enjoys a more natural musk scent. A strong mix of citrus and herbal flavors, the resulting fragrance brings to mind a man not meant to be stuck indoors, but one who is meant (and ready!) to take on the wild.

4) Homme by David Beckham

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Woody and spicy with a zesty top note, this perfume is certainly fresh and exciting. A quick application of this baby will leave you feeling like one smooth and suave MOFO. And well, why wouldn't you want to smell like the man who was able to land Posh Spice?

5) CK2 by Calvin Klein

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Back in the day, Calvin Klein came out with CK One, an iconic unisex fragrance that was very popular with the urban youth of the '90s. Some 20 years later, Calvin Klein released CK2 in the hope of repeating their success, this time aiming to capture the attention of the so-called Millennial generation—and they might just succeed. Striking the perfect balance between spicy, woody, and floral, CK2 is a great perfume that’ll smell awesome on anyone. 


6) Cool Water Davidoff

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Cool Water set the bar when it first came out, wildly popularizing that fresh, aquatic acent that many have tried to imitate to this day. Sharp and minty, this perfume is simple and masculine, and a fan favorite for a reason. 

7) Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

An edgy, masculine perfume like no other, Fahrenheit is known for its distinctly gasoline-like smell. An odd scent to favor when you think about it, but it's beloved by many nonetheless. Apart from smokey and leather notes—which make this fragrance one for the bad boys for sure—Fahrenheit  also has a subtle splash of spice and citrus that really turns things up a notch.

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8) Bvlgari Man in Black

The Bvlgari brand is a long time favourite by many. Boasting a heady yet sophisticated aroma that opens with the smell of spice-rum and sweet tobacco, this perfume keeps true to it’s label—dark, deep, and mysterious.

9) Chanel Allure Homme Sport

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Is there such a thing as a subtle standout? If there is, then Allure is certainly one example of it. A fresh and sharp fragrance, Allure also has a creaminess to it that is not found in most sporty perfumes. 

10) Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male opens with a cool blast of fresh mint that dries down to powdery lavender and finally settles to a sophisticated blend of cinnamon, mild vanilla, and sandalwood. Not a perfume, perhaps, for the younger folks, but a perfect one for those with a bit more age and grace under their belt.

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