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10 Resolutions for a More Pogi You
With our help, anyone can be a dashing debonair!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 15, 2013
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With 2013 already a few weeks old, is the window for making resolutions shut tight? We say no. Like any good tunay na lalaki, we put things off—intentionally, of course—dilly-dallied for a bit, observed our fingernails for hours on end, before finally deciding to shove away the holidays beers and cheers. Afterwhich, we proceeded to pump ourselves up for the coming year, which we’re totally going to own.

And we intend to do that by attempting to be more pogi. Enlisting the help of suplado extraordinaire and all-around expert on all things pogi, Stanley Chi, we might just gain the extra wisdom (and kapal-muks) we need to finally (read: maybe) go over to that mysterious, bespectacled, short-haired office cutie from the heavens we’ve always had our eye on. Maybe, we'll even say hi.

In his attempt to help us out, Stanley Chi, the author of Suplado Tips (bits of which we re-enacted here) and Suplado Tips 2, offered us his newest book, Pogi Points: The Not-So-Gentleman’s Guide To Looking Good. Released in December 2012, the book is a collection of courtship tricks, relationship how-to’s, and sneaky pa-cute tips, underpinned by the Stanley's philosophy that "Ang pagiging gwapo, inborn; ang pagiging pogi, napag-aaralan."

Consider the following ten pointers taken from the book as a preliminary course that will help shape the pogi resolutions you'll make to guarantee your transformation into a better man. If they don't work, well, you can look for Stanley on Facebook!

1) "Kung may nililigawan ka, huwag mo na siyang bolahin. Sabihin mo na yung totoo para hindi mo na sinasayang ang oras niya. Matutuwa pa siya sa’yo!"

In other words: Though easier said than done, I will announce my intentions loud and clear. I will say what I mean, and will now retire all the pick-up lines I've worked so hard memorizing up to this point, because three years has passed since they were sorta funny.

2) "Ang mga pogi, hindi lang sa Valentine’s nagiging gentleman; kailangan all year round!"

In other words:
I will be consistent. No longer will I make use of "special days" such as Valentine's, Christmas, birthday, and Linggo ng Wika, as a convenient time to make up for my lack of sweetness for the rest of the year.

3) "Kung hindi ka niya trip, huwag mo nang ipilit. Malay mo, magbago pa siya ng isip!"

In other words: I will acknowledge the fact that I am wasting no one else's time but mine when I try to delude myself into thinking that a girl means something else when she says that she only really sees me as a friend.

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