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17 Grooming Resolutions To Upgrade Your 2017 Game Face

A brand new year is coming up and it's time for a brand new you
by Shayne Exito | Dec 21, 2016
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Listen up gents, it’s time to make changes to your grooming routines. After all, what better way to put the rather tumultuous year behind you than by wiping the slate clean and starting fresh with the right habits in place? Here are 17 grooming resolutions you need to fulfill this 2017:

1) Stop fearing moisturizer

Put your best face forward this coming year and start moisturizing daily. This will keep your skin supple, healthy, and smooth, letting you avoid the dreaded wrinkles a bit longer.

2) Protect yourself from the sun

Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach. In fact, you should rub some SPF on every time you go outside — whether it’s sunny or overcast doesn’t matter.

3) Learn to wash your face properly

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Using regular ol’ hand soap and rinsing out under the tap might be the quick and easy way, but it’s not doing your face any favors. Start using facial cleansers and warm water, instead.

4) Use the right products

If you’ve ever wondered why your girlfriend has so many different kinds of cleansers and gels when you think a simple soap bar would do the trick, you should know that each product is specially formulated to treat different parts of your skin, which vary in sensitivity.

5) For that matter, get your own stuff

A lot of guys “borrow” generously from their partner’s grooming arsenal, and while that’s not a crime, you should really invest in getting your own. Women’s products are specifically tailored to them, which means they're not as effective for men who have skin that is oilier, thicker, and ages differently.

6) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

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One of the best ways to maintain your youthful glow is regular exfoliation. By scrubbing away the dead skin cells left on your mug, you up your chances of looking fresh-faced for a good long while.

7) Shave leisurely

In other words, don’t rush it. Speed-shaving is the reason why you always end up with razor burns, ingrown hairs, and all those nicks and cuts that leave your face bloody.

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8) Stop shaving against the grain

While you may think this lets you do a closer shave, it’s actually just pulling up the hair and damaging the follicles. Don't be so impatient, and remember to take a minute or two to check out which direction your hair grows before taking a blade to it. 


9) Take care of your gear

By which we mean, always look after your razors: clean and store them properly after each use. Remember boys, a dull blade can make shaving a rather dreadful affair.

10) Don’t skimp on the H2O

You’d be surprised just how big a factor proper hydration is in keeping your skin healthy. Avoid having dry (and cracked) skin by drinking plenty of water daily, even when you’re not necessarily parched.

11) Start using eye cream

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If you want to keep those bags under your eyes at bay, you better start slathering on some eye cream. Don’t worry, there’s nothing unmanly about using anti-aging products.

12) Flossing is life

Your pearly whites have hard to reach places that only flossing can clean, which means simply brushing your teeth isn’t enough to get rid of all the plaque and food trapped in there. So never forget to floss after every meal.

13) Change out your tooth brush

While we’re on the subject of oral care, it’s good practice to switch out your toothbrush regularly. This isn’t something a lot of people seem to remember to do, but the amount of bacteria and germs that stay on the bristles isn’t something a lot of people seem to want to think about either.

14) Pucker up with lip balm

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There’s nothing appealing about chapped lips—it’s uncomfortable not only on your end, but for your lady friend’s as well. Make a habit of carrying a lip balm with you at all times to keep your puckers kissable.

15) Groom down south

We’re not asking you to do some extreme manscaping, but a little trim here and there to keep your pubes under control is something you should definitely consider doing. Keep it neat is what we’re saying.

16) Keep your hair in check

And we don’t just mean the hair on top of your head or the fur down under. Your facial hair, nose hair, eyebrows, chest hair—they can all get a little wild, so always remember to tame them by tweezing away a few stray strands or making a few quick snips.

17) Replace your towels regularly

You may not mind using towels you’d previously dropped on the wet bathroom floor, but that's really no way to live. Practice proper hygiene and use clean towels as often as possible.

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A brand new year is coming up and it's time for a brand new you. Because, while you'll never be able to keep that pogi face of yours forever, you can at least make it last a good long while by following the right grooming habits. So this coming 2017, take your grooming game to the next level and stick to these resolutions. We promise, you'll soon find yourself not just looking good, but feeling good as well.

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