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3 Reasons That Make Gillette Deos Different!

Kili-killers, begone!
by Lou E. Albano | Jun 28, 2011
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Deos, who doesn't need them? Who doesn't use them? While they are utilitarian by nature—who gives an F on all their highfaluting technology so long as they do their job, right?—Gillette Clear Gel Deos make us do a double take on the science of, ehem, deodorants.

Here are 3 reasons:

1. Gillette Clear Gel does not mask odors. Masking odors is what regular deos do, which means they don't really remove the stink; these deos just gift wrap up the smell so that you smell better. Not Gillette. The clear gel contains a kind of technology—Betacyclodextrin, if you must know the specifics—that actually absorbs and neutralizes the odors, eliminating the stink all the way.

2. Gillette Clear Gel does not leave those embarrassing white deo marks on your shirt. Of course you're familiar with those white skids, yeah? Well, Gillete clear gel is made with smaller, more dispersed particles, so it doesn't clump together, and rub that nasty white mark on your shirt.

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3. Gillette Clear Gel comes in 3 scents... that are all refreshing and malamig sa balat. They are: Cool Wave, Power Rush, and Arctic Ice. So apart from the dry comfortable feeling it promises you, you also feel refreshed as soon as you slide the stick across your underarm.

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