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3 Shaving Rules For The Chick Magnet

Are you an aspiring/assuming chick magnet? Here are the shaving rules that you should always abide by!
| Aug 27, 2014
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You're the best human in the world, right? Plus, aren't you also the most awesome chick magnet alive? That's why you don't need any guidelines for your oh-so-awesome personality and very manly frame?

We won't bust your balls if you answered a resounding "HELL, YES!" to the first two questions. However, you should know that even the most epic man in the multiverse has to adhere to certain rules. For instance, these rules for shaving....

1)   It Should Be Effortless

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First of all, your whole shaving ritual, whether it’s a meticulous process or the lather-and-slash-what-may approach, should be effortless. It should be just like that other solo activity you’re fond of doing; the one that involves your right or left hand and quick up-and-down motions, or what normal people call as...brushing your teeth.

Schick's Exacta 2 Sensitive Green Disposable Razor aims to provide an effortless shaving experience. It has two ultra-thin blades that help target those unwanted hair in hard to reach places, leaving you feeling smooth and clean after shaving.  It also has a one-push cleaning button that swiftly cleans hair and follicles trapped between the blades.

See? Precise shaving doesn’t need to be a hassle-filled experience.

2)   You Should Feel Refreshed Afterwards

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The whole ordeal, err, experience of shaving is useless if you don’t feel refreshed after. Being refreshed here means that you’re not bleeding and don’t have gash marks or uneven facial hair (which is usually the case with your dull and clogged razor).

Using the Schick Exacta 2 System will result to not just a refreshed feeling, but also make you feel clean, comfortable, and rejuvenated. Aside from its two ultra-thin blades and one-push cleaning button, the system version of Exacta 2 also has a pivoting head to shape your facial hair exactly the way you want it. You want to look like Mr. Hindi Pantay Ang Ahit, go! You want to have that Leonardo DiCaprio look, your imagination is your limit—and the Exacta 2 is your man tool!

But that's not all, the Exacta 2 System has an enhanced lubricating strip with aloe and Vitamin E to help reduce irritation, refreshing your mug even more. And come to think of it, what could possibly be more refreshing than a girl cuddling you? There'll be less chances of that from happening if your face is full of small razor nicks and uneven facial hair.

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3)   Liberating Is The Word

Shaving should feel liberating. It’s not all about the removal of excess facial hair. It can also be considered as a catalyst for self-confidence. Done right, it can make a dude feel assured of his body, and be more open to experiment with styles and look.

But you know what else you can do after shaving? Check out places and attractions in Hong Kong and Macau that you’d like to go to someday… Well, actually, you can do that real soon, if you just join and clinch the grand prize (four days and three nights trip to Hong Kong and Macau) of the Star In Your Own Schick Commercial promo!

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Besides the Trip to Hong Kong and Macau grand prize, other prizes include an Apple iPad Air 16GB, a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, and 50 Schick gift packs as consolation prizes. Interested? Follow the instructions below to join:

a. Download the Smooth Lee Adventure app that’s available for Android and iOS devices

b. Use the app to create your own commercial by replacing Smooth Lee’s face with your own

c. After polishing your commercial with your adorable face, click on the Join Now icon on the mobile app and it will directly lead you to the registration page on the Schick website

d. Valid video entries will be posted on Schick’s Facebook page

e. Think of the things that you’ll buy in Hong Kong/Macau, the grand prize also comes with a US$500 pocket money

f. Promo period is from August 1 to September 30, 2014 only so better hurry now!

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Now, if you scoff at the idea of starring in your own commercial…well, let the prizes motivate you. You don't need to be some online KSP who’s vain, conceited, and so full of him. And don’t worry; we’re not gonna tell your bros about your video. Trust us.

For more information about the contest and for shaving tips, go to! 

Per DTI permit number, DTI-FTEN SPD Permit No. 0043 Series of 2014

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